As a parent, when your children are grown, you look back and think is there anything I did right. Some things are obvious, my children all have a moral code that was instilled in them at an early age. They are all self sufficient at an early age. They are all loyal to each other and their family.
There is one thing that I am sure I did right, when they learned how to read I began making them look up words that they were not familiar with in the dictionary. I never dumbed down my vocabulary with them, before they could read I would tell them the meaning of words. When they learned to read the onus was on them.
They did look up those words, in fact at times it was not to my advantage because I used British slang as a way of venting my frustration at drivers instead of using other words. Elizabeth Anne looked those words up and boy was I in trouble.
Today, all of my children, are good at research, they are good at thinking for themselves and they are good at articulating their thoughts.
Since I have never dumbed down my vernacular with them they are now able to communicate with anyone, I am very sure I did one thing right.
I like to think I did a lot of things right, I know without a doubt I made mistakes, all I can do is pray I didn’t mess them up too badly.

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