My Thoughts on Thor the Dark World

Last night at 12:02 AM the Irishman and I saw Thor the Dark World, it did not disappoint. Sometimes, with a sequel, there is disappointment, however, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston brought their A games to this endeavor.
I have loved the whole Asgardian mythology since reading the stories in elementary school. Marvel’s take on Thor’s exile to earth was legendary, living up to those expectations the first time was nothing short of awesome. Then bring in Thor in the Avengers, of course nothing Joss Whedon does disappoints.
With this movie expectations were high, I did not go into the theater expecting something bad. I was so totally not disappointed.
Tom Hiddleston as Loki is nothing short of a revelation; he goes from arrogance to pathos without missing a beat. This man can do no wrong in my opinion; I would watch Mr. Hiddleston read the phone book. He is that good, I need to buy every single thing he has ever been in.
Loki was always a favorite of mine, he longs for adoration and needs to be worshiped, the mother who raised him loves him unconditionally and it is not enough for him. Brotherly love is not enough; he needs the masses to worship him as a god. It would be so easy to play this character as a one-dimensional character, easily dismissed as the quintessential bad guy. Tom Hiddleston brings layers and understanding to the character itself. One understands Loki’s need to be feared and adored at the same time.
I won’t get into the plot lines, there are so many surprises, I was shocked some things did not get leaked that I felt were huge. Some things I didn’t see coming, some I did. All in all a wild ride from the get go, run, don’t walk to see this movie.
I myself will be going several more times.

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