Last night I had a dream that Nocona and I were in the country visiting a friend, I was carrying her and I had to put her down to open the door. She ran off and I couldn’t find her, needless to say I woke up in tears. I don’t know what she was trying to tell me, it’s time to really say goodbye and let her go to enjoy her country life or what. I just know that I miss her greatly.
On a happier note, today is my Friday and the Irishman scored tickets to the midnight showing of Thor. Assigned seating! I am so excited, 3D, XD and any other kind of special D you can think of. I cannot wait to see one of my childhood superheroes alive on the screen again.
Stormie is doing well, adjusting to her new, pampered life, she is full of energy and fun. She loves to play hide and seek with my slippers and the Irishman’s socks.
Today will be a Starbucks day, it is Friday and I have much to celebrate, God is watching out for me, stopping me from doing detrimental things and giving great joy to this thing we call life

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