Thanksgiving Reflections

Thanksgiving for me is a time to reflect on what I am truly thankful for in my life. The one constant thing I have been thankful for, well for the past 27 years, is my children. They are my constant, my pride and joy, at times my heartache, at times, most of the time, complete pride. I am so thankful when I look at them and see all that they are accomplishing in their lives that I had a small part in it. I am so thankful that God chose me to be a parent to these particular humans.
I am ever thankful for a roof over my head, food on my table, electricity lighting my home and cable television. I am thankful for a good job that enables me to have these things. I am thankful for a job that gives me the opportunity to work Thanksgiving and the day after to make extra money for Christmas.
I am thankful I have had such wonderful animal companions in my life, starting with Whiskers, my parents dog, Suzy my cat, Mickey, Arthur, Nocona, Chewie and many others. Animals teach us so much about ourselves, they are our first real responsibilities if we have them as children. They are more dependent than our children, as children grow up and learn to take care of themselves.
I am thankful for being able to reconnect with my cousins, and getting to see a favorite uncle again before he went home, and two beloved aunts, I’ll be forever thankful for that happening. I am thankful for reconnecting with my favorite cousin Cindy, she was my first friend in life, I am happy to report we are still like kids together. Giggling at silly things, confiding hopes, dreams, reality and so much more.
I am thankful for my friends, friend is such an odd word, it can describe so many different facets of friendship, I have FRIENDS, and yes they are all capital letter worthy. From my bff Tammi, from those days in Owasso, to my bbff Jess, I have too many to name, Jan who stuck with me during a trying divorce and bitter custody battle, she never left my side. The friends I have made in the phone company, people I would never have met if I had not started working there. When I say am thankful for my job, it is so much more than a monetary gratefulness. I have met so many good people in this company, so many I am proud to call friend.
I am thankful for the Irishman, he has shown a belief in me that I really didn’t know a human could have for another. He encourages me when I am down, he tells me he is proud of my accomplishments and lets me know they are bigger than I think they are. I am thankful his health continues to improve daily.
I am thankful to my friend Shanon J, for asking me to be on the air with her, create a show out of nothing and see so much from it. We are growing and taking on topics that are difficult and controversial and doing it with dignity.
I am thankful that I have a God who never abandons me, even when I am at my worst, He is steady, true and approachable. He is there to listen to my praises, He is there to listen to my laments and there to comfort my tears.
These are the things I reflect on today, in America, land of the free, home of the brave, I am ever hopeful, ever optimistic, ever joyous. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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