An Only Child

So, Stormie thinks she is an only child, or at least she behaves that way, apparently sharing is not coded into her DNA. Russ has come to visit, as he does every Thanksgiving, when Jeffrey is out of town. At first Russ ran around whining, the Irishman said he was looking for Nocona. Nocona was his buddy and I know he must be confused.
Once he settled down, he decided to get to know Stormie, they have been playing, Stormie seems happy, however, I noticed this morning she gathered all of her bones and was lying with them in front of her, with her front paws around them. She was letting Russ know she will not share her bones.
It was so funny, she is truly an only child and not built for sharing, she also slept with us last night, the first time she has done that, I think she was establishing her rank.
Dogs are funny to watch, they have human qualities, Stormie definitely shows signs of humor, loyalty, wanting to please, stubbornness and a loving heart.
We are moving Saturday, so everyone pray it goes smoothly, I am already stressed, I will be working 5 days this week, no Friday off for me this week, then moving on Saturday, coming back to the apartment to clean on Sunday.
I hope you all have a great week, a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember if you do go shopping on Black Friday, be kind to the workers. They have given up their time with their families to make your life a little easier.

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