Well, it appears we have a mighty hunter in our midsts, yes, Stormie, she hunted and killed her first rabbit last night. I actually heard the horrible sound a rabbit makes before it dies. The Irishman and I were taking groceries out of my car and I heard this horrible noise coming from the backyard. I said did you hear that, he said Stormie was back there, we both looked at each other and he ran to the backyard.
Where he found her with the rabbit in her mouth, it was gone, she was proud, wanted to bring her prize in the house and would not let it go. It took some doing to get her to put the thing down so we could dispose of if properly.
She was incredibly proud of her accomplishment, she is the mighty hunter, perhaps we should have named her Artemis. Although I do believe Stormie is an apt name for our family member as she is a whirlwind of activity and love.
Well I am off to face the day, whatever it may bring, I do believe the forecast of cold, wet, ice, stormy goodness is God telling me all will be right in my world.

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