Nobody puts Baby in a corner, those words ignited the romantic gene in a generation of girls. At first glance Johnny appears to be a the quintessential bad boy, however, when one looks deeper you realize this is a good guy with a heart of gold. He is simply from the wrong side of the tracks, while Baby is from the right side of the tracks, the daughter of a doctor, wealthy, privileged with high ideas of right and wrong.
She is the actual hero of the story, she teaches everyone around her not to judge based on preconceived notions of what people are capable of based on their birth circumstances.
That is a real lesson that is often overlooked, everyone focuses on the romance of it all, they don’t see the moral of the story, don’t judge on preconceived notions, people can overcome where they come from.
People overlook the true moral of the story in a lot of things, Romeo and Juliette for one, that was not written as a romance, it was a cautionary tale of what happens when children don’t listen to their parents. There is nothing romantic about taking your life people, it is horrible, selfish and maddening. Bonnie and Clyde, once again, not romantic, these were two vicious killers, who robbed and killed their way through the midwest. People have deified them, they are on a pedestal of great romance, I look at this and think What.
My mom and dad was a true romance story, they fought all odds, lived through the depression, recession, they were migrant workers, going from Oklahoma to California. They did what they had to do in order for their family to survive, they picked cotton, my dad worked in a gold mine in California. Any job as long as it was legal was not beneath them, it meant the survival of the family, I will thank God to my dying day that type of mentality was instilled in me.
Stop looking to people who do not exemplify true romance, look to the every day, ordinary people who lived through extraordinary circumstances, battled together and will truly spend eternity together.

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