Inspired by Stephanie Lacy

Ok, so, I just hate it when this happens, I was convicted, if you are Baptist you will know what this means. The other day, on Facebook, of course, my friend Stephanie posted something provocative. She said before you begin your day, say a prayer that God will enable you to see others through His eyes, not yours. I thought hmmmm now this is interesting, then I couldn’t let it go, so I did.
You see there is a person that is an acquaintance that, well, without going into detail, is kinda gross, loud, obnoxious and generally not a lot of fun to be around. I was working behind the scenes to get this person away from my acquaintance area so to speak. So that day I prayed, and I meant it, you see it’s not enough to say the words you have to mean them. So I did.
I went about my day and I saw this person differently, I saw their loneliness, I saw their need to be a part of a group, to be accepted and I saw their heart. Their willingness to jump in and help and there was sincerity in that desire to help. I was ashamed I had tried to have this person removed from my acquaintance area. I immediately took steps to rectify the situation, begging God for forgiveness for my ignorance.
This person didn’t change, they are still kinda gross, loud and obnoxious, I was the one who changed, that is what happens when you truly look at others around you through God’s eyes and not your own. As I said, I was convicted, and man I hate it when that happens. However, it is truly better than praying for patience, in case you don’t know, God doesn’t give you patience, He teaches you patience. They are not easy lessons, in fact they are extremely tiring and frustrating until you learn your lesson.
As you go about your busy Christmas shopping weekend, buying the presents, wrapping them, if you come across a person who is not all that pleasant, say a quick prayer and look at them differently. You might see something you missed.

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