Owasso Dreams

Driving to work yesterday I realized how much I miss Owasso, not for the turning of the leaves, the friends, the Ram Cafe, the Tijuana Tater or for the frito chili pies. No, I miss it for the roads, the country roads to be exact, the ones where you can take your car out and open up the carburetor and fly. It seemed like flying to me when I was learning to drive and drive fast.
Driving fast appears to be genetic, my grandfather drove fast, my father drive fast as do I, it seems the old adage is right, I just can’t drive 55. There is nothing like the feeling of all that power at your fingertips, under your foot as you press against the accelerator, the numbers going higher on the dashboard. The realization that you are flying over the pavement, it smacks of freedom, there is nothing but you, the machine, the road and the music. One cannot drive fast without good music filling air of the car, it is intoxicating, better than any drug around.
All last week, while sitting in unbearable traffic, I missed Owasso, even driving down main street behind the old people from the retirement home that took up both lanes. You knew that it would end in roughly 10 minutes, there was no end to the traffic here last week. I have a shift that has me going in later, typically there is very little traffic. Last week we had ice here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and since Texans can’t drive on ice it was a mess. A horrible, frustrating mess, filled with people hitting their brakes on the ice, or just speeding up on the ice. Insanity was the word of the day. Ok, the week.
I learned to drive on the ice and snow thanks to my dad, I remember shortly after my 16th birthday, he told me to get in the car, we drove up Dalton Hill. It’s named after the Dalton Gang, google them if you are not familiar with them, the hill was named after them due to the fact they used to hide out there. I digress, we get to the top of the icy hill, he turns the car around, gets out and says figure it out. He then proceeded to walk home.
I did the only thing I could, I moved to the drivers seat and figured it out, I will say this, he got home before I did, however I learned to drive on ice and snow and every other condition one can think of. Well, not a monsoon, we didn’t have those in Owasso, or earthquakes, but Oklahoma weather, I’m good.
Next week is Christmas and I am way excited, I will once again take up the reigns of hosting our Christmas Eve celebration in our new home. I will cook the food, wrap the presents and we will welcome my children, granddaughter and a new person to the celebration this year.
I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful pre-Christmas week. Remember the reason we even have this season, the Birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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