There is much talk these days of creating an obese Barbie; at first I thought these posts were a joke. Who would want to mess with Barbie? She is iconic; no one has had a problem with the way Barbie looks since she was created in 1959. She looks good for her age. I don’t understand why people have issues with the way Barbie looks. Some say her measurements are unrealistic, to this I say; she is a doll, a child’s toy. She is not real. Children play with her, they dress her up, they cut her hair, they take her head off and marry her off to Ken. I married mine to G.I. Joe, he was much more masculine than Ken.
If what some people are saying, that Barbie is giving girls unrealistic views of their bodies, then what will an obese Barbie do? Encourage them to have triple chins? Encourage them to have big bellies? I have seen the picture of the Barbie that is obese and she is hideous. Seriously? Do you want to encourage young girls to be obese? That this is ok?
What about teaching them to be healthy? What about teaching them some form of exercise is acceptable? Why not get them away from the computer screen, television, and tablet, whatever it is, and get them outside? Take a walk, run, something.
There is a whole generation of children that do nothing but sit in front of a screen all day. Whether it is a television, gaming, tablet or computer they do nothing but sit and eat. Giving them a doll that promotes this is nothing short of insanity.
Barbie is more than a pretty face, she has taught generations of girls they can be anything they want to be. A doctor, a lawyer, a gymnast, a teacher, a dancer and a superhero.
She doesn’t need a makeover, she needs to be applauded, she is special and unique, and she does what she wants in a world of conformity. Barbie stands out and stands the test of time, generations of girls have played with her and learned they can do and be anything.

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