New Career for 2014

I am contemplating a career change for 2014. I really have two options here, ok one. Pop singer is out as, well, in all honesty I don’t have the best singing voice. The other day the man in the car behind me at Starbucks overheard me belting out This Night Won’t Last Forever, I felt compelled to pay for his coffee as recompense for his pain and suffering.
So, singer is out, that leaves one option, yes, you guessed it. Superhero. I’m going with Wonder Woman as I have the outfit already. Think about it, this really is a great career move. As an amazon I will stop aging, the aging process may even begin to reverse itself. Plus I would get to wear killer boots everyday. And a cape. Who doesn’t love a good cape! Not to mention the lasso of truth. Now that is going to be a handy tool.
I could stop crime, fly an invisible plane and wear a great outfit. Oh, and my glasses would be obsolete as Wonder Woman, I would only have to wear them as a disguise. I do believe this is a good move for me.


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