Goodbye 2013

As 2013 comes to a close I sit and ponder it’s significance in my life, the good, the bad and the ugly, I am seeing more good than any other offering. 2013 saw me spending more time with my granddaughter, it saw a radio show, which I never in my wildest dreams would have ever thought would be in my life, it saw strengthening relationships with my children and with the Irishman.
It saw us moving from an apartment to a home, it saw losses. I lost my companion, Noconna, I gained a companion in Stormie, one does not take the place of the other.
I look back on 2013 and realize that God has indeed blessed me and my home continually throughout the year, it may not be readily apparent to the outside world, but I see it.
I look at the outside world in the past year and I am continually reminded that God is indeed in control and I don’t worry about my future as it is already written.
Today is not only New Years Eve, it is also mine and the Irishman’s anniversary, 6 years ago today was our first date, I guess it went ok, since I went out on a second and third and so on and so on. We have been engaged for 4 of those years, it has not always been roses and rainbows, but it has been a journey and one that we continue to walk down.
I am not the outwardly romantic type, so I will just say this to him: I love you, I love our life together and here’s to many more years of the journey together.
I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings to me in a personal way, there are many things I would love to do, I await to see what God wants me to do.
My New Year’s prayer for all of you is that you enjoy good health, that you gain wisdom from experience and remember to express compassion to those around you. There are things happening in other lives that you don’t get to see, no one knows what others go through. However, having said that, no excuses for bad behavior. To the women out there, I say don’t get involved with a man who already has someone at home or in his life. You will regret it on a personal level, this is not a satisfying relationship and is not what God wants for you. I also want to say, get healthy, make better choices in what you fuel your body with. I know I will be trying my best to do this, I will still eat sweets, but within moderation, sour skittles once a month, not once a week, or once a day.
Being battle ready, mentally and physically is our duty to our Lord and Savior, make no mistake, there is a battle coming, whether we will be here to witness it, well, I’ll leave that up to the theologians. I, myself, believe in what my mother called the pan millennium, it will all pan out in the end so it doesn’t really matter. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my family and friends and my new pup, I shall enjoy this life for as long as I get to have it.

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