We have lost another family member, this time Mickey has gone home, I do believe I have covered this before, I believe pets go to heaven. There is no one alive that can tell me that my animals will not be waiting for me in heaven. Mickey and Arthur were brothers and now they are together again.
While Arthur was the calm, king of the jungle type of cat, Mickey was a true predator, he knew when there was food, and he would stalk you and pounce when you least expected it. Stealing french fries from ones mouth or snitching chicken from your fingers, it was all fair game to him.
He started out a family cat and ended up being Elizabeth Anne’s best friend, her companion in all things, he was her confidante, keeping her secrets and being the best listener in the world. He never revealed one of her secrets to me, at all, he was good like that.
Mickey has spent his last years, like Arthur, with Elizabeth Anne at the farm, being her alarm clark in the wee hours of the morning, letting her know that he was ever present and like a true ruler of the roost needed his food, immediately.
I know she feels his loss more keenly than the rest of us do, he was more than a cat to her, he was her friend, he will be missed immensely.
He now rests with his brother and with Nocona, soon Chewie will join them, as I will be taking his ashes out there to be buried with his friends.
I have tried waiting for a good snow in order to take him out in the weather he loved, however that does not seem like it is going to happen Texas any time soon.
I’ll miss seeing you when I travel to the farm Mickey, I’ll miss hearing your plaintive meow and then your purr when I reach down to pet you. Then your look of disdain when you realize I don’t have a treat with me. I look forward to seeing you again my friend.

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