The Story of Foy and Odela

It’s that time again, yes, my parents anniversary, it always makes me smile, to think of them in their youth, just starting out, so much in love with the whole world at their feet.
My mom loved to tell their story, it is such a great story, so I am going to tell everyone here, I have a selfish motive, I want their story to live on forever, and it is such a great love story.
Odela was 5 years old when she opened the door to see a 7 year old Foy standing there, he said saw some boys come in here yesterday I know they live here can they come out and play? Five year old Odela stood and stared, she knew in that instant this was going to be the boy she would marry one day. It seemed like an eternity until she could find her voice; she finally stuttered “they’re here.” Her brothers came running to play with the twins Foy and Roy.
Odela and her best friend Joyce immediately fell for the twins, however, they had a big decision to make, who would get whom. Odela waited with baited breath to see who Joyce would choose, she chose Roy. Odela was relieved; she could still be friends with Joyce.
The years went by, Odela never revealed her feelings for Foy, once when she was 7; she was sitting in a tree singing, to the tune of Bring Back My Bonnie to Me, Bring Back My Foy to me. She heard a noise, looked down, and to her horror, there were her brothers and Foy. She kept very quiet so they wouldn’t see her. She just knew that they had heard her; she didn’t want to go home to face the ridicule of her older brothers. They never said a word, she was in the clear, no one had heard her.
When she was still in school, Foy left, he hopped a freight train to California to find work, as many young men were doing during the depression. Her brother told her she needed to move on, Foy wasn’t coming back, and she needed to find a husband. She stared at him, how did he know she asked, he said everyone knew.
She moved on, she started dating a local boy, she became engaged to him, her heart wasn’t there, she really didn’t want to, however she needed to move on. One evening, after they had been on a date, he drove down to the local pond and parked. He began to put the moves on her, as they say. She asked what he thought he was doing; he told her his mother said that if Odela loved him she would do certain things. She said she was not that kind of girl and he said well a man expects things, she said Foy wouldn’t. He said well Foy isn’t here, she said take me home and gave him back his ring.
Her brother said, he isn’t coming back, you need to find someone, you can’t be a spinster. She began dating another boy, one nicer, then it happened, her brother ran into house saying Foy was back. It was a Wednesday and they were all going to church that evening. Odela went into her bedroom sat on her bed and didn’t come out. Her brother came into the room and said come on, we’re going to church, she said she didn’t feel good and didn’t want to go. He said I know what’s wrong with you, get dressed let’s go.
So, she did the only thing she could, she got dressed and went to church, all during the service she was sandwiched between the boy she was dating and Foy. She began to pray, Lord, just take me now, open the floor, open the ceiling, whatever You need to do, just take me. He did not, He had other plans. Her boyfriend took her home; at the door she said I can’t see you anymore. He said I figured as much, I hope it all works out.
The next morning Foy came to the door, Odela answered, she said I’ll get my brother, he said, I came for you. The words she had been waiting to hear since she was 5 years old, she thought she had misheard, what, she said. He said it again, I came for you, I don’t think I like you going with any other boys, she said ok, well who should I go with.
He said me, she said well ok then.
They were married shortly after that, within a few weeks, on a Friday the 13th and they did live very happily ever after.
Romeo and Juliette was not a love story, Bonnie and Clyde was not a love story, Cleopatra and Marc Antony was not a love story. Foy and Odela, now there is a love story for the ages.

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