Happy Birthday Granny Dee

Today is Granny Dee’s birthday, she has been on my mind a lot lately. I really miss her, she always seemed to know when I needed her to call me.
It’s an odd thing in today’s world to actually like your mother in law, it’s odder still to like your ex-mother-in-law, but I did, she was always good to me and my children I have no complaints at all about her.
There were times she could infuriate me, like anyone else, but, if I were honest, it was times she was right and I was wrong. No one likes being wrong, especially me.
But today, on her birthday, I would like to remember the great love she had for her grandchildren, the way she gave unconditionally of herself. She loved them all beyond anything, I understand that love after having been given the gift of Tessa, she never judged them, she would listen to all of their problems and didn’t tell them that their problems were of their own making.
She was gentle and patient with them, showing them a world where they could be themselves and tell her anything and she would still be their grandmother. Giving them time and attention, there were a lot of years I feel like she lost out due to physical distance, being in California while my children were here in Texas.
I wish they had gotten to have her for a longer period of time and I wish she had lived closer to them, that is my regret, the physical distance.
I feel like so much was lost during that time, I know why she felt she needed to be in California and I don’t begrudge her that time there.
Ok, let’s be honest, I wish I had more time with her, she was a great mother-in-law and a great friend and I still miss her every day. So today I say Happy Birthday Granny Dee, I know you are in heaven with your own mother and father and Michael having a great celebration!

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