The Bachelor Ignorance

I want to get this straight, the newest Bachelor has decided that because the show he is on is such a paragon of virtue that there should never be a gay bachelor because that would be detrimental to the morals of the show.
The incongruity of that statement stuns me, when did this program show any kind of morals? You have one man making out with 20 or so women who are backbiting and trying to outdo each other for his attention! Seriously! I have said it before I will say it again this show is an abomination to our nation, future generations will look at this and think what the heck.
This and its counterpart the Bachelorette needs to go away, the whole thing is nothing but trash. Yes, by all means, let’s hold this show up as a paragon of virtue, let’s teach our children it is ok to fight over the opposite sex, to stab each other in the back and for one person to have that much physical contact with that many people over a short period of time.
By all means let’s hold up the straight version of the Bachelor as a way to teach our children how to behave.
They all sicken me, what kind of parents enjoys watching their children do this sort of thing? These people that participate must have parents, some of them are parents, this is the example they are setting for their own children. Wonderful future we are facing.
I say good for the Gay community for not doing this show, they appear to have some common sense and apparently better morals than the straight counterparts that are doing this show. Keep strong, stay away from this nastiness.

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