Happy Quarter Century Elizabeth Anne

Today is the day, the day Elizabeth Anne turns a quarter of a century, time really does fly. It seems like yesterday her father and I were checking into the hospital to have her, to meet this beautiful creature we had been waiting for.
The first of February that year was beautiful, it was sunny and 70 degrees when we stepped into the hospital. When she was born that evening it was a raging ice storm, a perfect metaphor to welcome such an unpredictable human into the world.
She did everything fast, crawled, walked, talked, from the very beginning she has been a curious soul, needing to touch, taste, learn about her surroundings.
She is everything I could ever want in a daughter, smart, funny, beautiful and always willing to help whoever needs it.
Sometimes she is too much like me, in saying whatever she thinks, I too had to learn to control that urge. She is learning, I’ll give her that, faster than I did, have I mentioned she is smart?
Before I was even pregnant with her, I prayed for her, I asked God to give me a daughter with beautiful dark hair and dark eyes. I asked that she be independent, beautiful, smart, funny and believe in Him. I asked for a daughter that had a deep love of family, that was caring, that could accept others as they are and that she love animals. I know that last part is strange, but I come from a long line of animal loving people. Sometimes I think we like them better than we like people.
She is living proof that God does respond to prayer, I got what I asked for and more, she is an awesome daughter. The older she becomes, the more I like what I see in her, I like that she grows with each situation and learns from them.
She doesn’t accept the status quo; she is proactive in changing her situation, which I am most proud of.
She works harder than most men, physical labor, however she keeps her femininity, she exemplifies what it means to be a woman. She doesn’t rely on her looks to get by; she makes her own way, the way she wants, not what society dictates to her.
As she grows, she will only get better, by the time she is my age she will be the undisputed Empress, I will gladly abdicate to her.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne, you are everything a mother could ever hope and pray to have in a daughter. I am so proud of you and the woman you have become.

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