Trying Something New

I have to say I don’t feel differently, hmmm could that old saying be correct, age really is just a number? I’ll let you know as the year progresses.
I did a lot of firsts this weekend, I got a tattoo from Elizabeth Anne, I joined a coop called Bountiful Baskets, which I highly recommend, you can find more information on
I made leek-potato soup, which turned out wonderfully, even if I do say so myself, what else, oh I made a trip to the Nespresso store; I highly recommend that as well. I do believe that is it. Ok four things I did differently.
I cannot wait to use the gift certificate I got from Jeffrey; it is for a chocolate cherry facial. I have never heard of such a thing, I will report back on that afterwards. Also have a gift certificate for a massage from the Irishman; I foresee a day of pampering in my future.
I really am not in the mood for a rant, although there are several things bothering me right at this moment. Ok, one thing, never mind, I wrote it out and thought better of it. It sounded petty and vindictive and the person with whom I am irritated would know it is she I am speaking of. So I shan’t do it, I don’t want to be that person who knowingly hurts someone. It is one thing to unknowingly do something of that nature; it is quiet another to purposely do it. That is not what my site is for, so I shan’t do it.
I do want to thank everyone who told me Happy Birthday, whether by Facebook or text, I enjoyed every message and you made my day a little more special.
I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the weather that I have brought forth, I prayed, God heard and granted my request.

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