I Wanna Talk About Me

Yesterday Elizabeth took me out for my birthday; she bought me a present I didn’t really ever think I would actually want. Let alone go through with, she bought me a tattoo. Yes, for my 50th birthday I got a tattoo.
I will not be showing it to people, it is for me and in a place, my ribcage, that I will not be hiking up my shirt and showing anyone. I thought long and hard about where to get one, I don’t want my mom to see it when I die. She will never see it there, neither will anyone else.
I have thought about this for years, at one time I thought about getting the superman symbol, however all that color would hurt. This is permanent, so I didn’t want anything embarrassing as I grow older. Also there is the sagging and wrinkle conundrum, you don’t want anything anyone will see all distorted and wrinkled.
So my ribcage it was, there you have it folks, it’s not earth shattering, but it is news in my world. Angie World.
I have decided that my birthday will be a national holiday in Angie World; being in Angie World it should be the actual world. I do believe I will start a grass roots campaign to get my birthday declared a national holiday. I thought I would start this by becoming a Chief Steward in the Union, I will run on the platform of honesty. Interesting concept in the Union these days, I will tell people a vote for me is well for me. This is all about me, what I can do for me and not anyone else; this is what the majority of them do now, so why not run an honest campaign.
I can name on one hand the Chief Stewards that are there for the people, that want to make a difference, that fight the good fight. It’s a shame really, Unions are the reason workers have off Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July, Christmas, two days at Thanksgiving and countless other little things we take for granted. The 40-hour workweek, we can thank them, fair wages, benefits for workers. I could go on however I shan’t, I will leave it alone. For now.
Back to me, which, let’s be honest, is my favorite subject, next to my children and Tessa. Elizabeth and I rounded the day out with shopping, where I spent money on her and lunch at Taco Bueno, which she bought. All in all a good day celebrating both of our birthdays.

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