Dancing with Happiness

I have decided that Tuesday shall become Wednesday in my world as my BBFF said that I do not have a Wednesday, so he inspired me to acquire one. So, welcome to Psuedo Wednesday!

Today brings the dawn of a new day, a day to get things right, to begin anew, to be thankful for all of the miracles in one’s life. Our family has a huge miracle, I don’t know if I have permission to talk about it here, let’s just say God is alive and well, sitting on His throne and has His hand in every aspect of our lives. That being said I very much look forward to our family reunion this summer to celebrate this greatness with my family.

I have discovered the song Happy by Pharrell Williams, I literally cannot stop dancing, I was chair dancing all day yesterday at work. This morning, the first thing I did upon waking, yes, even before coffee, I put on the song and danced around the kitchen with Stormie. She was very happy to be dancing so early in the morning, perhaps one day I will post a video of her dancing. We dance together quite often, it is a lot of fun. Even now as I type this I am dancing in my chair, what a great song, if you are ever in a bad mood, put that song on, it is impossible to stay down while wanting to bounce.

I’m back now, took a break to dance again, LOVE this song. I come from a long line of dancers. My great grandparents on my grandmothers side used to win Charleston contests. You might scoff, but you try and do the Charleston, not so easy huh.  Those of us from the South are typically good dancers, all the hot weather, going without shoes makes one move.

I am off to have a great day, because our days are what we make of them, remember, take a moment to reflect on all of the miracles in your life. I promise there are many, then give thanks, lift your hands to the heavens and give a great big AMEN.

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