Coffee Fueled Ramblings

With Steve Rogers going back in time at the end of Endgame shouldn’t Agent Carter get a revisit? What a great show with only two seasons, ABC you missed the mark canceling that one. I know I’m late with this and it has been over for several years, but with the release of Disney+ I find renewed passion for the show.

Last night I was treated to dinner at my oldest son’s home, homemade hamburgers and sweet potato tater tots. Not to mention good company and being regaled with stories from children. I also played games with a very lively 5 year old, I think he cheats, I warned him I cheat at Candy Land and Monopoly, but I think he’s better at it than I am. So much fun!

When I picked Tess up from school yesterday her mom sent me a text and asked me to call her and put her on speaker phone. Of course I obliged, she then told Tessa that she had received a call from her history teacher. He said that Tess was a born leader and he has started calling her Madam President. He said the other children in the class look to her for leadership and she is his favorite student in that class. In a class of 30 kids she stands out, I am so proud of her!

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with humility to think that God chose me to be the mother and grandmother of such great humans.

This mornings ramblings are brought to you by coffee, one half Black Riffle Smooth Silencer and one half Godiva Caramel. So good, I wish Godiva still made the Creme  Brûlée but they have apparently stopped making that particular flavor.

I love creme brûlée, unfortunately for me, so many calories and so much sugar, but the coffee was heavenly and had no sugar or calories. If anyone knows someone at Godiva that has influence tell them of my plight and disappointment.

Last night when I got home 20/20 was on, does anyone remember when that used to be a real news show? I used to watch it growing up and I loved it, Hugh Downs was excellent, now it is a true crime show.

I miss real news shows and real news anchors, I know I have said this before, I’m not senile, but I really miss Walter Cronkite. There was something comforting in his sign-off, I am all for bringing back real newscasters, now we have people who insinuate themselves in the story and put their own spin on it. Ridiculous, tell me what happened and I will form my own opinion about, well, everything.

Dean would make a great newscaster, have you ever noticed they all have great hair. He has great hair, and he’s literally the prettiest man alive. Even in person! Why yes, I will be telling everyone that I met him and he was even better looking in person.

Back to Peggy Carter, the show was smart, funny, action packed, well written, directed and acted. Not to mention the costuming was pitch perfect for the time period. It was killed off way too soon and there was no closure, Hayley Atwell deserves better. We, the fans, deserve better, Captain America deserves better, let’s just say it, America deserves better. I may have had a little bit of coffee (a whole pot is not too much right?), for cognizant thinking.

I’m going to go now because I am rambling and I have things to do, I bought a new Christmas Tree and I want to get the living room Christmas ready.

Have a great Saturday, as usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of My 7 Day Squeezed Online Cleanse

Well here it is folks, the good, the bad and the ugly of my 7 day Squeezed Online Juice Cleanse.

The first day was rough, drinking only juices, and it completely wiped me out. If you do this I suggest starting it on your off days from work.

The activated charcoal drink was the toughest to get down simply because of the grit. I joined a Facebook support group specifically for this product and someone suggested drinking it with a straw. That worked to cut down the grit, it wasn’t as noticeable. The activated charcoal one is very important as it really does help cleanse the kidneys.

Day two was a noticeable increase in energy, I wasn’t hungry until the end of the third day, so I went to bed.

I will tell you this, I missed having something hot, so I did end my days with Better than Buillion, it was only 15 calories and no carbs, so I felt that was ok. And it was a cup. My joint pain is also gone, it left the third day in, completely.

I didn’t miss eating, but I am not a big eater as it is, I have talked about before having esophagus issues, so this was really a vacation for my esophagus.

It was a vacation for my mouth, I didn’t have to chew, it was a vacation for my stomach, kidneys and digestive system. I truly feel healed, my heart burn as well went away.

I did a test this morning, I had coffee, and I am sad to report the heart burn came back with a vengeance. It looks like I may have to give up coffee, it is the acidity of it, I may try tea, hot tea, because it has no acidity. I am not giving up caffeine, I will miss coffee, I love the taste, the aroma, the whole experience of it all. But my health is way important than my likes and dislikes at this point in my life.

My clothes are also fitting differently, in just a week, things are looser and more comfortable.

If you are thinking about this and are having health issues like I was having, I highly suggest this cleanse, it is a little pricey, but worth it, you aren’t buying food for that week, so you are not spending on that. They have different lengths of cleanses, do what feels right for you. The link you can use is:

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who said a kind word or said a prayer for me on Michael’s birthday. His death effected more than myself, it effected his dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins as well. I never forget that, it also effects his siblings that never got the chance to meet him. Thank you all so much for all of your good thoughts, prayers and kind words. And thank you to his grandma Mike and Grandpa Reno for visiting him. It means more than they will ever know.

I will be giving my review of the book I talked about on Monday, An Angel Told Me So. It has actually been helping me this week, it is comforting.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Run Away!

There is an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai laments that the Lorelai look is over. I so totally commiserate with this, the Angie look is over. I literally cannot find clothes I love anymore.
I love a good boot cut jean that sits a little low in the waist, not super low, just below the belly button. Shirts fitted, always fitted, I am not into loose, I never have been. No matter my size, I might add.
With the rise in skinny jean popularity Angie style has gone the way of the dinosaur. I hate skinny jeans, just FYI, I feel like I am an encased sausage. I love a good flare with super high heels. I actually look like I have long legs, I look good! I have a ton of shoes to go with that look.
Now, I do like a good pair of jeans tucked into boots in the winter as well, only a skinny jean can pull that look off. Otherwise the ankles on the boots look like you have cankles. Not a good look people!
If anyone finds any Angie jeans please let me know, do a friend a favor. A fashion favor, as it were.

Today was a great day, I am going to start a cleanse, using essential oils and minerals. I will also be going back to the 3 in 30, you know, absolutely no grains, no dairy and no processed sugar. All for thirty days, also no eating out, as it is just too hard to do while on this. I will begin on Sunday and will report back.
Fair warning to all of my friend and family, the first week I will not be pleasant. I will be grouchy and snarly, I will bite if provoked.
The end result will be me looking amazing for my high school reunion, our 35th high school reunion, I might add.
I seriously can’t wait to see everyone and just have a good time.
Oh, speaking of, Elizabeth Anne is making fun of me for saying that I traveled with my coffee maker. I see nothing wrong with this, I love my coffee and love my coffee maker, I have whole coffee beans and my coffeemaker grinds them before making the coffee. It is fresh and amazing, every single time. Why would I leave that at home? It is one of the loves of my life, for my cleanse, though, I have to give it up. No coffee for thirty days, I don’t even comprehend what I have agreed to.
No coffee, I know I only drink coffee on my days off now, but that is literally 24 cups of coffee a week I am giving up. I can’t even do the math, it is too incomprehensible. Maybe I should live in a cave for a few weeks, not be around humans, humans might appreciate that.
I give up sugar all the time, then I fall off the wagon, what makes this different is I can have dark chocolate and local honey.
I can do this, I have to do this, my looks depend on it.
As usual any comments can be left here or sent to me at

Caffeine Fueled Thoughts

Here I sit, drinking my amazing peppermint mocha coffee, one of my own making. Totally healthy, totally awesome and delicious. With so much caffeine in my system one must wonder what I will do with all of its glorious power.
Well, for starters I’ve done two loads of laundry and it is only 7:30 in the AM. I wonder what other trouble I can get into, hmmmm.
I get to pick up my beautiful granddaughter from school today and she is going to spend the night! How great is that? Tomorrow will be a full day for us as we have been planning it for a month. I don’t think I will tell what we will be doing now, I do believe I will tell the stories of our adventures afterward.
As you all have surmised I have stayed away from controversial topics of late. I shall be continuing that trend as I really don’t want to focus on the negative, yet. It’s coming, I feel it inside me, a rant is on the way and it will be a fine one, but for now, I shall not be ranting. I will continue writing about things that seem trivial to others, but mean something to me.
I am so totally in love with my green smoothie regimen. I am drinking one for breakfast and one for dinner, with lunch usually being a salad. So beyond healthy and quite honestly a little sad for me.
I do dress the smoothies up at times with peanut butter, add in a banana and the chocolate fudge Orgain protein and there is one tasty treat!
I feel the health flowing in my veins, smoothies combined with the Fascia Blaster and the exercising is making me a complete health addict.
Teenage Angie is like what the heck, but this Angie is ok with it. I will be honest, I do not stick strictly with this on weekends. I try, but there is so much going on that I don’t have time to eat a lot. I have also discovered Sole Water, pronounced solay, it is sooooo good. I make it myself with pink Himalayan salt. You should google it, I actually start my day with it, and now I crave it. Seriously good, I crave salty things anyway and this really does satisfy that craving. Plus, it is very healthy for me, ugh, there’s that word again. Healthy. I am making myself a little queasy with all this health talk.
On to other things, can I be honest here? I would like to say, and I know this will be shocking to some, to others not so much, I love Supergirl so much when Dean Cain is on. There I’ve said it, the writing and directing that I was hoping for when SG changed over to the CW is just not there yet. It’s better than the CBS version, but it is still not there. I don’t understand, the others are incredible, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, all greatness. Supergirl is missing something, and they need to fix it quick, having Dean, Terri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo on was really casting gold. But now we need solid directing and writing.
The love stories are awkward and stilted, I suggest they put those aside until they can find their stride story wise and directing wise. Then add them in, we can wait for that, we waited for Oliver/Felicity, which ended badly, but satisfyingly. We waited for Cisco to find his love interest, and it was worth the wait. We can wait for Supergirl characters as well.
Still love Melissa Benoist in this part, she is so gleeful in her portrayal of Kara, you can tell she is having fun. I love that, it is on par with the Legends actors. I really love when they pair Kara with Barry Allen, they are so fun to watch.
So, please, Sugergirl, get it together! Give us the storylines we want, that you deserve!
As always, you can reach me at with any criticisms or praises, I accept both.

Love, the True Meaning

Love. A word that is thrown around so much it begins to lose meaning. Especially these days. Love Trumps Hate. Stupid saying, especially the way it is used. Especially by the people saying it, the ones rioting and burning things and beating up people. All because they didn’t get their way. Love? I think not.
In an effort to reclaim the word love, to give it meaning, I am going to list the things I love. Things, not people, I am taking people out of the equation for now. Everyone knows my world really revolves around my children and Tess, so for my purposes today I am taking them off the table.
Here we go, now these are not in any order:

Books, I guess I did start in order, books were my first love and remain steadfast in my life. No matter what is going on in my life, how chaotic or even how calm, I can rely on books. Through words on paper I have traveled the world and beyond. I have time traveled backwards and forwards, I have never been disappointed nor felt reading was a waste of my time. Well, with the exception of one book that shall remain nameless.
Chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate candy, ice cream, popcorn and hot chocolate. It is not limited to those things listed, those are just the first ones that come to mind. I have had a lifelong affair with chocolate and I do not see that diminishing any time soon.
Coffee, what can I say about the elixir of life, the aroma, the way it makes me feel alive. All flavors, almost all additives, nothing artificial, it just makes life worth living.
Television, scripted television, I love television, it entertains us, enlightens us, makes us sad, happy, makes us remember, makes us forget. Makes us fall in love and fall out of love, television is always there for me even when the world is falling apart.
Shoes, when nothing else looks good on me, shoes never fail me. The different colors, styles, the way they can make me feel when I put a new pair on. The way Betsy Johnson makes her sky high strappy sandals makes me weep. There is nothing like a good pair of shoes or boots to lift ones’ spirits. Try it.
Snow, it is the great equalizer, the way it covers everything, sparkling, white, sometimes so white it shimmers blue. The way it silences all the noise, it is an insulator, giving us respite from a worrisome world. It is God’s way of saying He loves me, I look forward to it, need it, want it, crave the snow. If you need me, I’ll be outside doing a snow dance later today.
Dean Cain, yes, Dean Cain, he just makes me happy, he was and is the prettiest man on the face of the planet. Not only is he pretty, he’s smart, well read, well-spoken and out spoken. I do love a pretty man who not only looks good in tights, but can eloquently speak his mind and get his point across without cursing and screaming. I don’t know what I would do if I ever meet him. I would like to think I could keep geeky Angie under control and suddenly acquire a mantle of sophistication and worldliness. Not squeal and well, not Baio out on him. That is still one of the most shameful moments of my life.
There you have it folks, love, real love, begins with a book and ends with Dean Cain.

The Perfect Coffee

To say I love coffee is an understatement, I am enamored, over the moon, head over heels for coffee. There is no hyperbole too big to describe how I feel about coffee. We have an ongoing love affair that will stand the test of time.
That being said, my experimentations have resulted in the best cup of coffee I have ever had. I shall now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, share my recipe for love with all of you.
First you need honey, I use Nature Nate’s Raw Unfiltered local honey. I always suggest you use local, you will reap the most benefits from it.
First put the honey in the cup, then take cinnamon, make sure you mix it really well. If you mix the cinnamon with the honey it eliminates the pesky issue of the cinnamon just floating around., Plus, because it is mixed so well, the cinnamon taste is so much better.
You will then want to pour your coffee into the cup, leaving enough room at the top for what comes next.
I have created my own half and half, I use coconut milk, the real stuff, you will find it in the Asian aisle at the grocery store. It is in a can, you will need to open it and mix it up, as it does separate and forms cream, I always open from the bottom of the can and pour the liquid out first, then scoop out the cream. I then blend it in my nutribullet. It’s just easier that way.
Now for this next part, for full disclosure, I have a Nespresso that has the milk warmer with it. I pour some coconut milk in and SO Delicious coconut coffee creamer in. Sometimes I put a little cinnamon in this as well. Then I let it heat and mix together, as it does froth the concoction.
Next I pour the “half and half” into the coffee and choose my spot in the house and fully enjoy my nirvana.
There you have it, the perfect cinnamon/honey coffee. Which translates to heaven.

About Me

So, I saw this thing on Facebook the other day, I decided not to do it there, but to do it here. It’s kind of like a get to know you, and well almost everyone on there knows me. Not everyone here does, so here goes:

Three names I go by
1. Angie
2. Angela
3. Angel (only by certain cousins, no one else is allowed to call me that)
Three places I lived
1. Oklahoma City
2. Owasso
3. Plano
Three places I have worked
1. TG&Y
2. Printing companies
3. Large telecommunications corporation
Three things I love to watch
1. All Superhero shows and movies
2. Anything Joss Whedon
3. Anything with Star in the title, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate (any of them)
Three places I have been
1. The mountains in Colorado
2. The beaches in Florida
3. To see movie making magic in CA
Three things I love to eat
1. Mexican food
2. Chocolate
3. Popcorn
Three favorite drinks (not water)
1. Pomegranate juice
2. Coffee
3. Starbucks refreshers
Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Financial freedom
2. Starting my own business
3. The future
Also a little know fact about me, I hate sports, but love sports movies, I will sit and watch them all day long.

Strange Occurrence

Something unsettling has happened, I don’t even know how to express to everyone how truly strange and unnerving it is. Recently I have begun noticing that I am drinking less coffee, I hope you were sitting when you read that tidbit. I was not trying, it has happened naturally, I am drinking so much less that I told the Irishman that he should only make half a pot instead of a whole pot. I think he almost fainted, I explained that recently coffee is being wasted, that is a sin, so he should try making me half a pot. I don’t like wasting things; this morning is my first day with half a pot.

I don’t know what is happening to me, the whole thing has me a little rattled, I don’t know the meaning, without so much coffee will my life have meaning? Will I continue to hear color? So many questions, so few answers.

In other news, training is going well, we are not beginning our hardcore training until next week as we are waiting on some people coming from California. We did get to sit with some agents who are doing the same job we are being trained for and I am really excited to begin the training to learn the new tools. The meat of the job is the same, helping people who have had continuous issues to get it fixed once and for all. Find out why the issues have been ongoing and to assure them we do care and want to help. It’s not a line, I really do want these people fixed, I can feel their frustration coming from the other end of the line. I understand their frustrations as well, when things I am paying for doesn’t work I just want it fixed, not excuses.

I had lunch with Alex on Sunday, he is going out of town and will not be here for Mother’s Day, he told me that thanks to me he is well versed in weird television shows. I said example please, he said Buffy, Angel, I said hey, those are not weird shows they are classics. And Angel was a total guy show, he said mom Angel was eye candy for women, I said David Boreanaz is an incredible actor to which he replied I wouldn’t go that far. He did agree he was good though, which mollified me somewhat.

During training I don’t know how much I will be writing, training tends to be intense and by the time I get home I just want to go to sleep. Or unwind with really great television, not weird television, really anything Joss Whedon.

Dancing with Happiness

I have decided that Tuesday shall become Wednesday in my world as my BBFF said that I do not have a Wednesday, so he inspired me to acquire one. So, welcome to Psuedo Wednesday!

Today brings the dawn of a new day, a day to get things right, to begin anew, to be thankful for all of the miracles in one’s life. Our family has a huge miracle, I don’t know if I have permission to talk about it here, let’s just say God is alive and well, sitting on His throne and has His hand in every aspect of our lives. That being said I very much look forward to our family reunion this summer to celebrate this greatness with my family.

I have discovered the song Happy by Pharrell Williams, I literally cannot stop dancing, I was chair dancing all day yesterday at work. This morning, the first thing I did upon waking, yes, even before coffee, I put on the song and danced around the kitchen with Stormie. She was very happy to be dancing so early in the morning, perhaps one day I will post a video of her dancing. We dance together quite often, it is a lot of fun. Even now as I type this I am dancing in my chair, what a great song, if you are ever in a bad mood, put that song on, it is impossible to stay down while wanting to bounce.

I’m back now, took a break to dance again, LOVE this song. I come from a long line of dancers. My great grandparents on my grandmothers side used to win Charleston contests. You might scoff, but you try and do the Charleston, not so easy huh.  Those of us from the South are typically good dancers, all the hot weather, going without shoes makes one move.

I am off to have a great day, because our days are what we make of them, remember, take a moment to reflect on all of the miracles in your life. I promise there are many, then give thanks, lift your hands to the heavens and give a great big AMEN.

Another Monday

The weekend is over and I survived the weekend without Nocona, it was hard, it’s hard coming into my home, I sit in the car not wanting to come in because she is not here to greet me. It is hard going to bed because she is not at the end of it or right next to me. It is hard waking up because she is not there to wake up with me, eat eggs with me and have coffee with me. I just miss her so much.
Stormie won’t sleep with me, I tried putting her on the bed, I had to wrestle with her to pick her up and then she just looked at me like I was crazy and jumped off the bed. Oh well, maybe tonight.
I do really like waking up at a normal hour, 7am is so much better than 4am, coffee, funnies, Dear Abby and a few Bejeweled Blitz and I am good. This week is going to be easier, I know it, maybe I’ll go back to store on Thursday night, see if I can get hit on again. Maybe not, unless I actually have to go.
Having Tess here Friday and Saturday was good, she is a breath of fresh air, so full of energy and life, I love having that little girl with me. She is bright, funny, smart and so very pretty, she is a true credit to both of her parents.
Well, that’s all I have for now, I hope you all have a great Monday.

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