Another Bachelor Rant

Once again I find myself totally disgusted with the show the Bachelor, seriously, why are women still participating in this claptrap? I will reiterate, I don’t watch this pure unadulterated crap, however, I cannot escape hearing about it on my favorite radio show, or being inundated with updates on twitter and Facebook.

Apparently, this last bachelor was probably the most honest one to date, and confirmed what we all have known all along. This is nothing but an opportunity for a man to have sex with a bunch of women and it’s not called cheating, because he is taking each one out for a test drive. On national television, sickening, I will say this, Juan Pablo was honest, it is being reported he told one contestant that he loved having sex with her, but really didn’t know her. He didn’t say sex by the way; he was incredibly crude in his comment. The woman took offense, my reaction was, um aren’t you the one that was participating in this? You willingly bedded a man you barely know for fame.

Women! STOP! Just stop selling yourselves for momentary fame, what are you doing? Are you making your parents proud by this public behavior? Are your siblings happy for you? That you have just sold yourself, your soul, your body, your dignity for what? Fifteen minutes of fleeting fame? To the woman offended, I say why? You did this to yourself, you signed up for it, you told this man by your actions that you would happily allow him to use you without even knowing him that well.

This man has a daughter, he just taught her that she is easily discarded by men; he taught her she doesn’t deserve respect. She will seek out men who treat her the way he treats women. I wonder if he will be ok with that?

This show is nothing short of a prostitution ring; women are willingly participating in this disgusting show of misogyny. I am saddened by the lack of good judgment that women are showing. I am also saddened by how many women watch this! Calling it romantic!!! Romantic!? Are you kidding me? This show has nothing to do with romance; it has everything to do with cheapening women and denigrating the morals of whole generations.

If you want a romantic story check out the book of Ruth in the Bible, now there is a romantic story. Ruth didn’t cheapen herself to catch a man; in fact he was drawn to her loyalty, her obedience to God, her modesty. Shame on all that watch this and allow it to continue.

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