My Friday News

Friday started out on a very good note, first off to help my friend Wanda with her email issues. Then Tessa time, we decided to go to the movies and see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. An excellent movie, very much in the true spirit of the original cartoons.

It was during the movie that my phone began going off, texts, phone calls, completely blowing up. I didn’t know what was happening. I looked at one of the messages and really couldn’t believe what I saw. After the movie I looked at all of them and listened to my voicemail.

It was bad, 43 people in my office of 73 were being let go, by inverse seniority, they are to be off the books by the middle of May. I just sat there, stunned, not shocked so much as emotional. Thinking of all of the people that I have known now for 7+ years, it was overwhelming. They have two months in which to find other employment within the large corporate machine we work for. I will be praying constantly and consistently for them, that they find other employment within the company.

Why within the company you might ask, well, that way they don’t lose their seniority, they don’t lose pay, they keep their benefits and can stay with the company.

For some this might be the push they needed to start that business they always wanted to, to become something more than tech support.

I want to say this, I work with some of the best people I know, they are smart, loyal, funny and resilient, they will land on their feet, of that I am positive.

I started thinking about the people that sit in close proximity to me. I will be alone on my row, they will all be gone, I am having a hard time comprehending that.

I ask all that read this to pray for my friends and co-workers as they try and go about their normal day, all the while finding employment. Pray for their strength, pray for guidance that they follow the path that God will have them go down. Most of all pray for their mental well being, I can see where this would get them down, depression is a real concern for some, this could also cause physical health issues for others.

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