We are having very strange weather for March, says it is 50 degrees, I don’t believe it; I was outside and it is wickedly windy and cold. I did not ask for this in March, I asked for this in November, this is crazy.

I am incredibly tired today, I slept hard, sound, but with crazy dreams, they were really bizarre. I was at work and people were just disappearing, not leaving, disappearing, it was like being on an episode of Star Trek. They were going the way of the red shirts.

I am glad to have woken up to coffee; perhaps I can find my equilibrium yet, we shall see.

I have a question, it is a question I have pondered many times over the years, why do people assume that simply because some speaks with a Southern dialect they are stupid, uneducated, simpleminded? I am here to tell you I have been misjudged, because at times my Southern accent can get, well, Southern. When this happens, and I can tell the person has written me off as simple due to my accent, I unleash a slew of dollar words, as my grandmother would say, and they sit up, pay attention. I had to call Jeffrey’s English teacher to task, when he was in high school, it was ridiculous, I could tell by her tone she was dismissing me out of hand because of my dialect. It tends to come out when I am angry, really angry, and I just let her have it, I told her she was the very picture of ridiculousness to dismiss a parents concerns simply based on the way they were speaking. She perked up and actually apologized, there have been times that I have seen it in my workplace. People make fun of what they see as a “hick” accent. I don’t see it that way; I love the colloquialisms of the Southern parts of our country. They bespeak to a time we spoke English, I miss the sayings of my grandparents and parents, I love the beauty of our language as a whole.

I love hearing the different accents and sayings all across our country, we are all Americans yet we all have different dialects, accents, sayings, it is all fascinating. Well, to me.

I’ll end this missive by saying, don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge a person by their accent. Listen closely, you might just learn something new, don’t be hornswoggled, and don’t lollygag, go out and have a fantastic day.

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