Today Shanon Jay said something thought provoking on Facebook; she said, “Words are Free. It’s how you use them, that may cost You.” In this age of social media saturation people have taken up the habit of saying whatever pops into their heads. It is the norm now not to stop and think before spewing forth whatever is there, in the forefront of ones cranial pia mater.

Once words are out there, especially on the World Wide Web, they are difficult, if not impossible to take back. It may seem like the thing to do at the time to give a pithy response or comment, later, when one looks back, they may cringe at what they put out there.

Use your words wisely, you can use them to tear down a person or you can use them to build someone up. Everyday is a struggle for me, I am a grammar and spelling fanatic, I so want to correct everything I see in Facebook. I don’t, because to do so would hurt someone, someone who was expressing themselves on perhaps a deeper level than they are used to, I would be shutting them down.

I have increasingly become uncomfortable with sites like people of Wal-Mart and other sites posting things meant to be funny, when they are in reality hurtful to the ones that get photographed unknowingly for the amusement of others. Perhaps it is my old age; perhaps it is a maturation of my inner being. I don’t know, I just know that once hurtful things are out there, it is impossible to take them back, whether they are words or pictures. Be careful of what you put out there, use your words wisely; the person you are about to blast with a thoughtless comment could be on a serious downward spiral. Your words could be the breaking point; one never knows what affect they have on a stranger.

I would like to see one day of kindness, where no one posts anything hurtful, where no one says anything without thinking first. Say it out loud to yourself, if someone said it to you would it hurt your feelings? If the answer is yes, don’t say it, if you are thick skinned like me, say it again to yourself, things rarely hurt my feelings. I have to really think about the things I say because of that, I have become cognizant of the power of my words in my later life.

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