Parenting Rant

What’s up world? I haven’t been here in such a long time; it feels like an eternity, however I am sure you all were happy to have the break. Training is going well, I am enjoying the high energy of the trainers, I am also enjoying being in a room of people that genuinely want to learn what they have to teach.

There is also a team leader in the room with us, she is telling us a lot of great stuff about the job itself. This week we added the people from California, they seem to be assimilating nicely, however, I think they will be in for a shock once August gets here. They will be wishing for milder weather for sure.

I have something I have to get out, I am astounded by people, ok, parents, parents astound me and not in a good way. Do people honestly think children are born knowing how to do things? Basic things. For example, hygiene, do parents honestly think children are born knowing how to clean themselves? Do they not pay attention when a child has atrocious table manners? Why would you not teach your child how to hold a fork? How to cut their meat? How to clean up after themselves? Parents, you will be unleashing these wild beings into the world one day! The insanity of it all astounds me.

I made sure my children had table manners, that they could clean themselves and clean up after themselves. I taught them basic life skills, it takes time, it takes a modicum of patience, but it is you job!

Some things I am seeing today disgust me, why are people so lackadaisical when it comes to their children? Children don’t grow up, they are raised, it is how you raise them that sets them on the path to their future.

If you are uncertain on how to raise a child, I suggest watching the Andy Griffith show or the Walton’s, those will teach you a thing or two about discipline, love, attentiveness and raising good children. Ones that will become productive members of society.

I am not saying I was a perfect mother, however, I did put aside any selfish needs on my part and focus on my children when they were young. They were my reason for being on this earth and since I was the one (along with their father) who chose to bring them here, I took my responsibility seriously.

That felt good to get out, I’ll stop now, I have laundry to do, things to get ready for my workweek. Working 5 days a week is something I have not done in a while, still getting used to it!

One Reply to “Parenting Rant”

  1. Amen!! If you don’t raise your children right then their friends parents don’t want to have them over. I’m sick of lazy parenting.


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