Is anyone else tired of women calling each other bitches? Especially on social media? I know I am tired of opening Facebook and seeing someone casually calling other women bitches. If we, as women, do not respect each other, how do we expect men to respect us?

We need to take a hard look at a society that enables women to denigrate one another so casually. It is our job, as women, mother’s, sisters, Aunts, cousins, to teach the children that are in our world to respect not only us, but themselves. How can we teach young girls to value themselves if we do not value ourselves? That is the real question; our daughters need to know that they are not bitches. They are vibrant, creative, intelligent creatures worthy of a world that respects them. We are the ones that teach them that.

We also teach our sons to respect women by how we treat each other. If your son sees you calling other women bitches so casually, will he grow up to respect women? Or will he call them bitches in a not so casual way?

This is not a good trend that is going on, it is a horrible trend; let’s end this for our daughters. Let’s end it for ourselves, I for one, do not enjoy being called a bitch, I find it insulting. You don’t see men on social media calling each other bastards (it’s the only equivalent I could come up with). I’ll give you an example of how a woman I know uses the term bitches, only I will substitute it for bastard.

“It’s leg day bastards!” Can you imagine a man saying that and it being perfectly acceptable on social media? Why then is it acceptable for women to say things of this nature to each other?

I know I will probably take a lot of heat for this, because, well, some women think by using the word, it lessens its insult. It does not. I will say this again; women using this word towards each other does not lessen its insulting nature.

Let’s lift each other up with our words, our actions and be an example to our daughters on how to treat other women. Let’s be an example to our sons on how to treat the women in their lives.


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