Memory Lane

One of our trainers has approximately 18,000 songs in his library, seriously awesome. Yesterday, during a lull he took requests, several of the songs took me back to my skating days and summers spent in Owasso.

One of the songs brought up a memory I haven’t thought about in a long time. I can’t remember the year, maybe Tammi can.

Her family was going to Arkansas to clean out her grandmothers home, she had passed recently and they were closing out the Arkansas house. Tammi asked if I could go with them and of course my parents said yes.

So off to Sugar Loaf, Arkansas we go, it was the 70’s so of course we took our appropriate 70’s gear with us. Aquanet hair spray, platforms and plenty of blue eye shadow.

Her aunt and cousin came in from California; her cousin Cathy was the quintessential California girl of the 1970’s. Long flowing blond hair and a tan that would make the stars of today envious. There we were, the three of us, 70’s glamour as only teenage girls can interpret it.

We were out walking one day and saw two boys, we started talking to them and being that it was Friday we asked what they did for fun on Friday nights. One of them started to say nothing, the other hit him and said we all go down to the store on main street and hang out.

Great! We’ll be there! So we rush back to the house and get ready, now, if any of you grew up in that era you know exactly what that means. Tammi and I with our perfect Farrah hair; Cathy with her long flowing blond hair, blue, sparkly eye shadow all around, platforms and shorts.

Off we go, to this corner store, that the boys had assured us was the happening place. We walk in, decked out in all our glory, heads turned, boys jaws dropped and big strapping farm girls in overalls stared. The girls grabbed pool sticks and came towards us, the term we hightailed it out of there is appropriate.

We ran for the door and ran all the way back to the house, laughing our heads off. Those people must have thought we were hookers, the looks on their faces said they had never seen anything like us.

We spent the rest of the trip avoiding the corner store.

2 Replies to “Memory Lane”

  1. That Cathie is me!! That memory brings tears to me eyes, and a big .smile to my face! I’ll never forget all the fun times with my cousin twin- I love her so!!! Thanks for sharing


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