Take a Stand

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook you are my informant, my entertainer and my irritant. Riddle me this Facebook, why do people think that it is acceptable to do whatever makes them feel good? And the need to tell everyone this should be the societal norm?
I fully blame this hippies for this movement. Their do it if it feels good attitude has spilled over to all aspects of life.
Doing the right thing has nothing to do with feeling good. Ok, sometimes it does. But often times it’s rather painful to do the right thing. To do the honest thing, take the higher road so to speak.
If I see one more meme stating at the end if the day all that matters is if you are happy I think I’ll scream. Seriously, that is not all that matters. What matters is that you did the right thing. That you have not lied and cheated your way through the day. That you were true to who God made you to be. That is what matters.
As you go about your day, don’t think about what makes you happy, think about what you can do to ease the burdens of others. By doing so you will find your own burdens eased.
Take a stand, make a mark, a great quote by John Jakes. Go out and do just that.

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