Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th, I LOVE Friday the 13th days, it’s a good luck day in my family. So, to my children, I say enjoy today! It’s our day.
Today is the official end of training class, yesterday was our big test, pass or fail, if one failed they would be out on the street as there is nowhere for us to go. I am incredibly happy to report all 27 of us passed the test. Today is one more module to go over, then we will be upstairs setting up our desks, making sure our computers and phones work.
I saw my desk yesterday, I will be bringing Clorox wipes today, it was, well, gross, is the only word. The former occupant left two rolls of toilet paper and two cough drop bags filled with bottle tops. It was odd to say the least, and it was so dusty I started sneezing right away.
As I walked the length of the building I saw so many familiar faces, not only from my last position, but also from all over the company. It was like a big homecoming, we are, for the most part, well received.
Some are not happy about the seniority we bring, one of us is literally number one, I myself am number 5. It feels good to be that high up in seniority, this is a company that bases everything on it, so to be that high up is nice. When I first started, off the street, I was on the bottom; some of those women had 35 years seniority. This feels good.
My only sadness is I won’t be going to the family reunion today, it will have to be tomorrow. I will miss the Turner Falls excursion and lose a day of visiting with my cousins that makes me sad. Happy to be employed, sad to miss a day of visiting, however, it all works out in the end. That’s what my grandma used to say, and man she was right.
I hope Patrick goes, I find myself really missing him, he was my favorite boy cousin growing up. He looks just like grandpa, it’s really incredible to see him, he has grown into a man our grandparents would be proud of.
I also cannot wait to see Cindy and Paula; they are two of my favorite girl cousins. Cindy first, sorry Paula, she was closer in age to me and we are so alike. They are all so awesome and I love talking to them. There are way too many to name singularly, let’s just say I love them all. I missed them so much, at times I didn’t know whom I was missing, I just knew they were missing.
Off I go, to enjoy my last day in the classroom, I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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