Once again I find myself having a love/hate relationship with Facebook and the internet in general. First I will address the love aspect, I absolutely love getting up in the morning, having my coffee and reading Dear Abby and the “funny paper”, as it were, without getting newsprint on my hands. Don’t forget shopping, I love that I can order shoes and they just show up on my doorstep, incredibly awesome.
I love reconnecting with old friends from Owasso, churches I have attended and cousins I was separated from at a young age. I cannot tell you how much joy I have found in seeing Cindy, Pat, Paula, Larry, Albert and the list goes on, way too numerous to mention as it would take up all of angieworld for all time. I love the fact that it has brought friends back into my life that I had lost contact with; it really has been an incredible tool.
I love that I get to keep in contact and see what is going on with children, who are now adults, that have been friends of my children since they were all young.
I love all of that, what I hate, with a passion, is the fact that one cannot voice their opinion on political matters or even non-political without someone being insulting.
I have seen it over and over, someone posts something, and if another person disagrees with them, even in a respectful way, posting facts and counterpoints. The other person becomes vicious, name-calling ensues and we have an internet brawl.
These are adults, I have never seen adults behave in such a fashion; it’s embarrassing. If you do this, please stop, it’s insane behavior, we are all allowed to have opinions and as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner why the viciousness?
If someone has a different view than mine, I welcome it, because it makes life interesting, I believe, at that point, we can have a spirited debate and walk away friends. Because I learned that behavior from my dad, he and I always had great debates on many topics. I learned from him, to research a topic, in the days before the internet, if I were going to go toe to toe with my dad, I needed to be well informed. There was never a more well read man than my dad, well, my grandpa, he totally rocked in that area.
I come from a long line of people that love debate, that are avid readers and researchers. People on the internet typically don’t research, they just love to belittle and attack on a personal level.
Do not wonder any longer why the younger generation is bullying more frequently on social media, they learned it honestly, by watching the adults.

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