Funny Life

Life is funny, nothing is random, nothing is happenstance, we are where we are supposed to be and lessons can be learned every day. I had to work yesterday, Sunday, I do believe we all know how I feel about that, I like my weekends. However, it had to be done if I wanted the 4th of July off. So off to work I went.
A lot of people were there, I was surprised at the amount of worker bees on the floor. Typically, in my experience in a major telecommunications corporation, Sundays are a filled with a skeleton crew. Not yesterday, needless to say a lot of fun was had.
I am now sitting by such an interesting young man, he is a little younger than Jeffrey, he writes, produces and sings his own music. He gave me one of his CD’s and it is really good, I am going to give it to Alex so he can listen as it is hip hop and Alex loves that music.
Anyway, this particular young man also reads a lot, so, in the spirit of carrying on the tradition, I suggested he read Joseph Campbell, and start with The Hero with a Thousand Faces. A great read, and very thought provoking, the first time I read it is when my BBFF suggested it and loaned me his copy.
Then we had a rousing discussion regarding the material, I know the same will happen here as well. I am going to read it again so the material will be fresh in my mind, I do love a good discussion.
In case you missed Saturday nights show you can go to and catch up. You can actually hear me talking about my near death experience; I am still in awe at how much God protects me.
It really is amazing when one thinks about it; I am the clumsiest person around, yet I am alive. Amazing.
It is off to work I go, 3 more days, then I am off for four, without using a vacation day! How awesome is that! I hope everyone has a great Monday, I know I will because I will be working with excellent people!

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