Happy Birthday Tessa!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter, Tessa is 7! The day she was born was one of the best days in our family. She has brought laughter, love and great joy into our lives.
One day, when she is older, if she reads this, I would like her to know how much she is loved. She is smart, funny, beautiful and a ray of sunshine, she seems to have inherited the very best of both of her families.
I love getting to spend time with her, it never get tired of being with her, I love the fact I get to pick her up on Jeffrey’s weekends and spend a little time with her before he gets off work.
We won’t get to celebrate until tomorrow, I am going to get to Jeffrey’s early and decorate for her celebration. Turning seven doesn’t happen every day, we must celebrate and of course have cake!
Months ago she asked me for something specific for her birthday, of course Gigi is coming through. I got her a giant stuffed tiger, she asked for a stuffed animal, she was not specific in what kind. So a giant stuffed tiger it is, her Aunt Elizabeth had one as a young girl, it is only fitting she have one as well.
I can hardly wait to see the look on her face when she opens it! I hope she loves it, even just liking it would be nice.
I am incredibly blessed to have such an awesome granddaughter, once again, I don’t how God chooses which child goes where, I just know that His decisions are greatness. I cannot imagine a like that does not include this little bundle of energy. She is always on the go, wanting to be in motion, not content to just sit, she is a lot like her dad. He was the same way, curious, full of questions and always wanted to be outside.
I look forward to watching her grow and change in the coming years, it will only get better and better.
Happy Birthday Tessa, Gigi loves you an beyond the universe!

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