Customer Service

Last night, this morning really at 2:00 AM I woke up, just woke up, as I was lying there, wide awake I decided to check my email. I saw an email from Amazon, strange since I haven’t ordered from them since roughly November. I open it and it is congratulating me on successfully changing my email address with them. I immediately ran to the pc and checked; sure enough that was not my email address.
I called Amazon, because I could not verify the mailing address, as the person who hijacked my account changed that, they would not help me. Never mind I could verify the credit card information and the billing address for the cards. The girl was very helpful when she said oh look you just bought a Kindle Fire. I exploded, woke up the Irishman, quickly told him what was going on, I handed him the phone and quickly called my banks to cancel the cards.
It happened so fast that the charge from Amazon had not even hit my bank, so you are in for a nasty surprise. All charges will be rejected.
I was floored at the non-existent level of customer service provided by Amazon, they could clearly see that was not me. I seriously did not change my name to Mary Jane Nestor, and could verify the billing address and the cards on file. They refused to help, instead told me oh well, whatever is charged you can just tell your bank it is fraud and they will give it back to you. How ‘bout shutting it down before it hits my bank!
I am totally disgusted with them and will not be purchasing anything from them in the future.
My two banks on the other hand, were awesome! They quickly shut the cards down and issued me new ones before anything could be charged or debited. I am immensely grateful to them, Bank of America and Chase are my heroes, Amazon, not so much.
I am not a huge purchaser on Amazon so they were probably thrilled with the expensive purchase. Which is why they didn’t want to shut it down, but they did not get the funds in the long run as the cards are now defunct and will be rejected.
Good customer service is where it is all at these days, at the major telecommunications corporation I work for there is a huge push in my department to treat the customer the right way the first time.
I take that job seriously, we are what connects them to their world, grandmothers can now see grandchildren across the country grow up. In real time, with the advent of face time and Skype it is a great time to live apart and still be a part of your family’s lives. We enable them to watch a game that was typically only European; it literally connected the world. We enable a traveling parent to keep in contact with their spouse, children and family members. We enable immigrants to keep in contact with family members a world away.
I enjoy speaking to everyone that comes on my phone; I truly love being able to connect them to their world. I love the sound in their voice when their problems are resolved.
This is customer service mixed with technical knowledge and it is a beautiful blend. What I experienced last night was horrifying customer service on a level that can only be equated to the cable company.

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  1. OMG….I just started using amazon…….I guess I might just cancell it. That is the reason I don’t do much online shopping. BTW I love the font on your comment tab 🙂


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