My Life

So, the week after next I am taking a week of vacation, I am doing the most exciting thing I can think of. I am spending the week with Tessa, I have so much planned, ice-skating, bowling and a trip to the planetarium. It is going to be an awesome week!
I have never gotten to do this before with her, take a week off and take care of her while Jeffrey is at work. I am looking forward to it more than I can convey, I don’t have the proper words in my arsenal to properly express how happy this makes me.
Work is going well, I still love it, every day is something different, and every issue that comes across my phone is a challenge. I do so love a challenge.
Russ is here visiting for the week, Stormie loves when he comes to visit, I do believe he teaches her how to be a dog. She is surrounded by humans and at times she forgets that she is in fact canine. Russ is Jeffrey’s hairy beast, I can’t remember how old he is, but he is getting to be an old man, and however he still frolics with the best of them. Those two run and play hard while they are together, then Russ is ready to go home to be with his humans and feline companions once again.
There is so much going on in the world, so man sad and terrible things, planes being shot out of the sky, war in the middle east, children being left in cars. All of it is terrible, in the midst of it all I am reminded that God is on His throne, He does care about us and is ready for us when we are ready to accept Him.
I have an opinion on all of it; I just am choosing not to voice anything at this moment. I will say I land on the side of Israel on the whole Gaza strip conflict, I will always side with God’s chosen people. To not do so is folly; I firmly believe that with my whole being.
There I said it, let the chips fall where they may, other than that, I have lived with AT&T UVerse television for almost a week now and I LOVE it! The picture is so crisp and clear. The non-HD channels are clearer than Time Warner’s HD channels, it’s crazy nuts! I kind of with Time Warner had made me mad earlier than this, as I changed solely based on their customer service, or lack thereof.
I still have their Internet, as AT&T does not offer that speed in this area, as soon as Giga-power comes to this area I am totally on board.
I got to pick up Tess yesterday and see her and Jeffrey for a little bit before they took off on their trip. It was a nice visit, she is so funny, smart and caring, I cannot wait to spend the week with her!
I foresee trips to the pool in our future as well; I will go back to work the following week not so pale. Not exactly tan, however, I will no longer look like Casper the friendly ghost.
Speaking of weather, we have had the best weather here in Texas, yes I said Texas, in July! I have not had the air conditioner on in 4 days! Four days people!! That is so awesome! I was actually cold when I woke up this morning! This never happens in July in Texas!! I am totally loving this weather, I know God heard my cries and while it has not snowed in July He did cool things down a good bit. Because I am one of His favorite humans, I know that’s why this happened.

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