Amazon Update

Update on Amazon issue, I was sent an email, 15 hours after calling them and being told that my bank would just credit me any charges that were not mine, saying that all changes were being reversed. This email went on to tell me that the hijacking was my fault as I probably answered a phishing email or gave my password to someone.
Amazon, I work in tech support, I know what a phishing email is, I know not to give my password to random people. This was not my issue it was yours, because your customer service person was so inept when I called, I had to go through the inconvenience of canceling my credit cards and debit cards. Both banks I deal with were awesome by the way, you, not so much. You only responded after I went on twitter to state how unhelpful you were. Then to blame me for the whole mess, badly done Amazon, badly done.
I am now considering canceling the whole Amazon thing, I have Amazon Prime, it is good until February of next year, but I am just going to cut my losses and move on.
This experience has left a bad taste in my mouth and hard feelings towards them, it’s sad, because I was a fan.
On to other topics, yesterday my favorite girl cousins came to visit, Paula and Cindy, and it was the best time! We talked and talked, the only complaint I have is the visit was too short; they just came for the day. I fed them before they left; I hope they had a good time with me as well.
They will have to come back for a longer visit next time, I’ll take them to Costco, Cindy really wants to go. I think it’s because I talk about them all the time, was just there Friday and had a great customer service experience there as well. Love them!
Tomorrow is work, looking forward to that, I love my job and love going in, although I am only there for two weeks, then off for a week to spend it with Tessa!
So excited I can do this, I can’t wait to spend that much time with her, we are going to have fun!
Maybe we will go skating, she has been wanting to go and we never seem to find the time. I’ll get my skates out and we will go, maybe I can convince Elizabeth Anne to go with us.

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