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My most prized possession is a letter from 1959, May 3rd to be exact. It is a letter written by my grandfather to my grandmother, he was working in the oil fields and they were parted by miles, but not by their hearts. I thought about scanning it and posting it for my family to see, however, some might not be so happy to see what it is in it. I do believe I will keep this one to myself; perhaps I will take it with me to the next family reunion and let people read it. Not touch it or anything, but they can read it.
In the letter he talks about how lonesome he is without her, you see, he never saw her flaws, others did, but he never did. To him, she was simply his Lela; he was her world, which completely imploded the day he left this earth.
Since the announcement of Robin Williams’s death I have been doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, on what really matters on this earth.
Robin Williams seemingly had it all, a thriving career, children that loved him people around the world adored him. Yet with all of that, it could not penetrate the darkness that enveloped his mind.
I will be honest here, I used to think all people who committed suicide went to hell, cut and dried right. It’s what the church has always taught, not just the Catholic Church, all churches have taught that.
Having said that, there are cases where I don’t believe that to be so, allow me to explain. When a persons mind is filled with clouds and is not behaving clearly, we say they are not in their right mind.
If someone is not in their right mind, can they really know what they are doing in that moment of desperateness? My mom had Alzheimer’s; she was not in her right mind a lot of the time towards the end. During one of her moments of lucidity she told me she wanted to go home, I knew what she meant, she wanted to go HOME, to the Lord. I said I know, you will, she looked at me and said I don’t know anymore, I feel it, when I’m not right. What if I do something I shouldn’t? Will I go to hell? The look on her face would have broken the hardest heart in the world, I told her that God knew what she was going through and would not hold it against her if she happened to do something when she wasn’t clear. This reassured her, and I know without a doubt it is true.
God would not hold it against someone what he or she did when they were not in their right mind.
Now comes the judgmental part of me, I believe this for the truly, deeply depressed humans. Not the ones who do it because they are about to be ousted as a misogynistic, womanizing “pretender of the cloth”.
However for the ones that are deeply effected by depression, there is forgiveness, and a welcome home. That is simply my thought on the whole issue, for better or worse that is what I believe.
I firmly believe that God welcomed Robin Williams with a giant hug and gave him the peace he sought on earth.

One Reply to “My Opinion”

  1. I am a firm believer that if you make a mistake or do something in life that is not correct god watches over you. You learn from your mistakes and god forgives you. People who take their lives that have been depressed to me god forgives them. He knows we are not perfect and we make mistakes. I don’t know one person who is perfect and has not made a mistake in their lives to this day. Wether its a big mistake or a small one. Because none of us are god.


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