Let it go, that is the theme of the day, so many things to let go of, shaking it off and moving on.
I have God, I have coffee and I have the truth, that is all that matters, oh yeah and my amazing children, granddaughter, cousins, nephew one aunt and uncle left, life is good.
I marvel at the goodness that is left in the world, in the face of all of the brutality that is happening in the world, I find myself surrounded by incredibly, genuinely good people. I often say that I am very fortunate at work; I have never sat by anyone I could not get along with. In fact end up being real friends with them; it is awesome to me the people that God puts in my life.
This time at work is no different; we do our work and manage to laugh all day long at some of the silliest things. Sometimes we have a serious conversation and work out some of the things in the world that is weighing on us at the moment. I am fortunate indeed to come into contact with the people around me.
I do not believe in coincidence, luck or happenstance, I believe in the divine and in destiny. I believe I am put into the places and situations I am for a reason, sometimes the reason is clear, others I may never know until I get to ask God in person. By then I may not care, I’ll be too busy, lots of people to hug, praises to sing and golden streets to walk.
Last night another family dinner went down, everyone was here except Alex; he was tired and begged off. Lots of laughter, food, conversation and a general feeling of togetherness. He was missed; I hope he makes the next one.
Tessa spent the night and we watched a movie and two cartoons, her newest cartoon love is Clarence, I don’t know who laughs harder, her or me.
Today will be cinnamon toast and chocolate milk, coffee for me, gotta go, we are hungry. Have a great Saturday, remember, only you have the power to determine what bothers you, what you let go and what you keep.

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