Growing Up Owasso

As I sit getting a pedicure it seemed like a good time to write. At this moment and time my feet are encased in heated towels and my calves are being massages with hot stones. I have very literally gone to heaven.
Recently I have become a member of a Facebook page dedicated to sharing memories of growing up in Owasso.
You see, we are a unique people, Owassoans, we are loyal, fiercely so, to our city, our fellow graduates and especially the ones who taught us so much.
The posts are bringing back so many memories, Mrs Dunn, one of my favorite teachers. Not only did she foster my love of Shakespeare, she taught us real life skills.
She taught us etiquette, yes, in that small town in Oklahoma we learned which fork was which. We learned proper posture, we walked with books on our heads. Mrs Dunn used to say today you are in Owasso, Oklahoma. Tomorrow you could be dinning at the White House, I want you to be prepared.
Mrs Richie who saw I hated math taught me to balance a check book and told me that I would indeed use math in every day life.
Mrs Farrimond who recognized I loved words more than people at times, was the first to encourage me to write down every thought I had. She told me I was good at it and needed to pursue a career where I could write.
I do believe I shocked her by reading the English lit book at the beginning of the year. Yes the whole book, not just one story, which she discovered after assigning a story the 2nd week in. Telling us to read the story on page 200, and answer the questions in the back. I flipped right to the questions and began answering them.
She was in front of me in a flash demanding to know what I was doing. I said answering the questions, she said I said read first. I said I already did, the look on her face was priceless, she snatched that book up, flipped to a random story and began to ask me questions. I answered every one correctly. She did this 3 times, then she handed the book back, walked off and said I can work with this.
She was so completely awesome, I wish I could tell them all how much they all meant to me, the atmosphere of learning and fun.
I miss Owasso so much at times and long to return, however I know my Owasso does not exist in this world. It was a moment in time that can never be recaptured.

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