The Empress has Spoken

I saw something on Facebook, of course, a page called Queen of your own life, I am instantly intrigued. Not enough to click on it, of course, but enough to add my own two cents here.
I often say I am an Empress, a Queen, not a princess, I am not here to put anyone down that wants to be a princess, I am just saying why not be the Queen.
Being an Empress is not all fun and games, while I can see the draw of being a princess, the draw of being an Empress is so much more. My way of life comes with responsibilities to my subjects, I provide for them and enable them to grow and become their own beings. Just in case you are not getting the obvious reference, my subjects were my children, not actual people who I boss around.
I find it disconcerting I no longer have subjects to guide, watch grow, help do house work, clean the garage, you know things of that nature. Those things I have to do for myself these days.
Some days I wish I were a princess, they are told what to do, what to wear, where to go and who to say hello to, this lifestyle takes the guesswork out of everyday decisions. I think I might like that for an hour or two, then I would try and stage a coup de’etat and lives would be lost and it would be a mess.
So, an Empress I shall stay, being the Queen of my own life is way more interesting anyway.
Today is Labor Day, we can all thank a Union for this day of rest, if you are enjoying this day and didn’t realize it was a Union led initiative that had enabled this great day of rest, now you know. You can go to to read more about this uniquely American Holiday, I am going to sign off now, as I have floors to mop, laundry to do, and as Empress I am in charge of it all.

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