A Few Things

So, a couple of things this week are on my mind, first up is a tech support kind of issue. I know a lot of people are not as technically minded as I am, and mine is really a learned behavior, learned knowledge based on wanting a paycheck. As I have said before I am more nerdy than geeky, however I have a few tips for those who are less technically minded than those in tech support.

Number 1, when you call in and tell your tech support person that you cannot connect to the internet and they ask you what lights are light on the modem and what color are they, do not answer the top three. These lights are labeled, we understand if you might need to turn on a light and get a closer look. The lettering is small, however it is there, in the major telecommunications corporation I work for, we have no less than 7 modems floating around out there. The fronts are all different, please get your glasses, turn on a light and look the next time you are asked. This will save you and me some frustrated minutes; with me telling you I NEED you to read which ones are lit. Oh and please don’t forget the color of the lights, red or green, or blank. Remember red is bad, green is good.

B) If all devices in your home (i.e. laptop, tablet, smart phone) can connect to the internet except for one, the issue is on your side, not ours. You can do several things to see what is going on with the device, power cycling it is always a good start. Simply turn the thing off, wait ten seconds then turn it back on, if it does not connect and is not giving you an error, please contact the manufacturer of the device.

III) Take some time and learn about the devices in your home that connect to the Internet. Be it computers, tablets or even smart televisions, these are the things you own and it would behoove you to learn about them.

Next up is more of a personal note; I am having a hard time finding clothes that are appropriate for my age. I do not feel old, so I don’t want to dress old, however, I do know my limitations and do not want to dress too young either. This is a dilemma, what happens when you are in between ages? Not ready for housecoats, but too old for low rise jeans and belly shirts. I never wore those, but still, you get the point. I don’t really like stores like Chico’s and Coldwater Creek, to me those clothes are for older, however I am older. It’s a dilemma I tell ya; I don’t want to wear orthopedic shoes and polyester pants. I’m not ready to be old, dress old, walk old, ok I talk old, the whole in my day does come out of my mouth. But the other stuff I don’t want, ever, but I know it is an eventuality.

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