Live Long and Prosper

I was sitting at work, helping a customer, when news crawl on the bottom of the big screen at work came across with the words I did not expect to see. Leonard Nimoy was gone; the world lost the first logical character on television.

I was momentarily shocked; I gathered myself and continued on with my call, as that is what we do at the major telecommunications corporation. We put our emotions behind us while we do our jobs.

As I processed the news, and it began to really sink in, I felt lost and empty; Star Trek has been a big part of my life since I can remember. I first saw the show when I was 4 years old and fell in love.

It came to mean more to me over the years, from the time I was five until I was 12, my childhood was, how shall I put this, difficult. I don’t talk about it, because it is of the past, but it was this time period that television became a huge part of my life. Television, along with books became my escapism, I learned at an early age I could take myself outside of the chaos that was my life and go to other places.

Star Trek was especially wonderful, I could go to other planets, and it had a figure that was logical, Spock brought logic into my chaotic, unbalanced world. He made everything right, he was my touchstone, I could always rely on his character to be the center of morality and he made sense.

As I grew older, my love for Star Trek and the character Spock has only grown, I didn’t outgrow science fiction, I grew up in it.

Losing Leonard Nimoy is like losing an old friend, my heart is hurt, I wish I could have met him, to tell him what his portrayal of Spock meant to that little girl. How the character influenced my thought process, how he gave me calmness and logic in the midst of chaos and instability.

This day has been a rough one, but then God brought the snow and somehow that is comforting. Snow is the great equalizer; it will blanket everything and make the world beautiful. How fitting that should happen on the day we lose Spock to the great heavens in the sky.

One final time he is being beamed up, and we are all richer for his being on this earth for as long as he was.


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