Star Trek Continues On and On and On

As you all know I recently watched Star Trek the Original series again. I forgot how unsatisfactorily it ended, of course it didn’t know it was ending at the time, I’m so happy the movies came out.

I have moved on to STtNG, for those not in the know, that is Star Trek the Next Generation, I remember when it premiered. I wondered if I would love it as much as I loved the original.

I needn’t have worried, I did, I felt the same emotions watching the series premier that I did when I first saw it. The first look of the new Enterprise, the introduction of the characters.

Having DeForest Kelley come on and bridge the generations, those of us that loved the original, transitioning us to the next. It was brilliant and pure Star Trek in nature.

Seeing Lt Ryker for the first time and watching the interaction between him and Deanna Troi, you could feel the electricity between them. You knew before the telepathic conversation between the two.

Speaking of Jonathan Frakes, let’s just say Genie Francis chose well. He remains an incredibly handsome man, his Ryker had such a manly swagger, very intriguing. Even translating well in todays world, manly men are well, just watch Lt Ryker. Or Poldark. Moving on. 

The series premier, Encounter at Farpoint, was a great start and showed off each characters strong suits perfectly. We get to know each one of them, even a Klingon, an android (in the words of Dr. McCoy, just as bad as a Vulcan). A counselor that we never knew that we needed, a woman as head of security and a boy genius in Wesley Crusher.

It was a great introduction to Captain Picard was pitch perfect, we saw him take command immediately and we saw his weakness. He is uncomfortable around children, and they gave him a family ship.

I have my twitter friend Gin to thank for this one, she has been rewatching the series and tweeting about it. A natural progression from Star Trek the Original, I do love my Star Treks.

You can learn a lot from watching these shows, plus, what other television show spawned so many shows and movies?

Let’s see if we can name them:

Star Trek

Star Trek the animated series

Star Trek the Next Generation

Deep Space Nine





Lower Decks

There is also the fan one, Star Trek Continues


Star Trek the Motion Picture

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek Generations

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: Insurrection

Star Trek: Nemesis

Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Beyond

There are plans for a new Star Trek series as well, Star Trek just goes on and it makes me happy.

If you can name another series that was cancelled after three seasons that spurred generations of shows and movies and continues to delight fans everywhere. I have to go now, I am on episode 2 of season one of STtNG.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Stay safe and make good choices.


Star Trek Dreaming

I know I mentioned last time that I am watching Star Trek the Original Series from episode one. The thing that I always forget is how much I love these characters. Captain Kirk with his cowboy diplomacy (which is my ultimate favorite diplomacy) to Spock with his unflappable logic and stoicism, except when he thinks he killed Jim and then finds out he’s actually alive. Bones with his dry wit and sarcasm, when he allows his facade to crack, a southern accent that would do Kellie Rasberry proud. Scotty with his love and loyalty to the ship, the Enterprise might be Captain Kirk’s wife, but she is Scotty’s true love. Lieutenant Uhura, one of my first role models, a woman, on the bridge of a starship. One who carried herself with confidence and also a hint of humor.

I love all of them, a lot of life lessons can be learned from watching these shows. From issues with your parents not approving of your life choices, Sarek not approving of Spock joining Star Fleet, the age old I want you to be like me. It seems no planet is immune from that age old struggle.

Captain Jame T. Kirk, a chick magnet, I know that is not PC, but that is what he was. He had a different woman in every port, on every planet and in-between. We loved watching his swagger, his confidence, his commanding presence. Who didn’t want to be one of those women? Not me because I was only 4 when the show came out.

I wanted Spock to be my dad, I was positive when I was mischievous I would be dealt a healthy dose of logic. Not the sit in your chair and you can’t watch television for an evening punishment.

As I grew older I wanted to grow up to travel on a starship, I don’t know if I will ever get to achieve that dream. I feel we are getting closer, perhaps Tess will see it in her lifetime.

I wanted to meet an alien life form, I wanted to be the first to greet them on earth.

I have always been drawn to strong characters, I wanted to be them, Uhura, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, the first girl Musketeer, protector of a king in the form of a dora milaje, Mata Hari girl spy, saving the day. I wanted to be a singer, a dancer, a writer, Star Trek started all of that.

The show taught me I could dream, I could reach for the moon and land among the stars. It taught me logic, it taught me tolerance, it taught me unification, lessons this earth desperately needs. Perhaps a healthy dose of Star Trek is in the cards for everyone.

Make is mandatory watching in every pre-school, while the special effects are dated. I mean it premiered in 1968, the stories are solid, the ideas are enduring and Captain Kirk is still a chick magnate.

Once I am done with this series I will move on and re-watch Star Trek the Next Generation. Where we have a captain that is more refined, a first officer that has more swagger and bravado than should be legal, and rocks a beard magnificently.

I highly recommend Star Trek for everyone, of all ages. As usual you can leave any comments, questions or criticisms here or send them to I would love to know who your favorite character is and if any of them influenced your life.

Destructive Behaviors

Ok, so, I’m watching Star Trek, the original, and it is Season 1 episode 22, I know some of my friends will know what episode that is.

It is a pivotal episode and is even continued in the Star Trek movies. Space Seed, Khan to be exact. The one, the only, Ricardo Montalban, is a revelation playing this character. This was way before he was Mr. Roarke, he was Khan, he was forceful, he was magnificent to watch and yes, incredibly macho.

As I watch this episode with the eyes of an adult woman, I am struck by how the character Lt. Marla McGivers behaves. She is a historian, so she is besotted by Khan and the whole gang of people out of time.

So much so she initially betrays her own captain and crew, even when Khan is clearly abusive and manipulative towards her.

It begs the question, have we, as women, evolved from that behavior?

I would like to think so, however, I have seen too many women fall for this type of man. Full of himself, full of bravado, only in it for himself, not the betterment of others. He thinks only of the next conquest, whether it be women, sports, even conquering his other male friends.

We have to be better than this, we have to look for the signs of abusive behavior. Isolating women from their loved ones, getting them to betray their own social circles.

Thankfully I am too old to be caught in that web, and quite frankly I am way too stubborn and self involved. I am well aware of who I am as a human, as a woman, wait, am I human? I don’t even know anymore, due to the fact that humanity as a whole has gone off the rails.

I digress, if we see a woman walking down that path do we owe it to all women to tell her to watch out. Be careful, you are walking down a destructive road and you deserve better.

I have been in that position and have told other women, stop, take a look, be careful, get out. You deserve better, I have told male friends that as well.

Manipulation isn’t just for males, not by a long shot, I have seen the opposite as well. Abusive, manipulative women, who will do anything to get their way. Even if it means walking over their own children to get there.

When will we, as a society, learn to stop these destructive behaviors? I often wonder, when seeing certain music videos, hearing the lyrics of certain songs, and seeing the behavior on social media, are we regressing?

Then I see my own daughter, daughters-in-law, sons, granddaughter, bonus grandchildren and I am hopeful.

I am also hopeful when I see younger generations on social media not falling for what is clearly destruction. Going above and beyond to help others, not tear them down, not destroy.

Take care people, the younger generations learn from the ones that came before them. I hope I have set a good example for the ones younger than I. You don’t have to step, shove or annihilate anyone to get ahead in life. You can be strong and nice at the same time.

I don’t always succeed at the nice thing, I tend to be a little more brash, like my dad, he was so blunt in his honesty. I wish I had gotten more of my mom’s gentleness. Alas it was not to be, here I am, too old to change now, I don’t know that I would want to.

I would love to know others experiences in this world, please feel free to leave any comments, questions or criticisms here or if you wish to remain anonymous you can send them to me at

Day 1

So today is day one of my two week 500 calories a day reset. Before you gasp in total disbelief, this gives the body a chance to reset and I will also make sure I get a minimum of 50 grams of protein a day. I decided to go with Flowsupps for my protein, it is all natural and organic. With only one gum in it, the rest had a ton in theirs.

I did it first this morning in my ninja and it was gritty, so for lunch I did it in the bullet, so much better and smoother. For lunch I adde 1/2 cup of strawberries for vitamin c and added fiber. I am also taking supplements, I have no doubt I will come out the other side healthier and with my metabolism in kickstart mode.

I’m not worried about my mood on this diet, if I do become hangry (for those of you that do not know that is when you are so hungry you become angry), I am however a little concerned about those around me.

I have found a low acid coffee, Black Riffle Coffee makes one called Smooth Silencer. I have ordered some, I’ll keep you updated. Can you imagine coffee in my protein drink? Awesomeness would ensue.

So far today I have done 105 squats, laundry and ran around the block. I have a lot of energy not being weighed down with food.

On another note, I have found something Dean Cain and I disagree about, yes, I know, I thought it was impossible as well.

To be honest there are several things we disagree with, I am vehemently pro-life. He is pro-choice, also he was not overly fond of Avengers: Endgame, which I loved, I have now seen it a total of 6 times and I still tear up when Tom Holland comes into view and when we hear Sam’s voice say on your left. Just typing that out I get goosebumps, I loved it so much.

I don’t believe these are deal breakers, it only gives us room for lively debates. I do love a rousing debate, people today have lost that ability. How do we get that back? Hard to say, perhaps schools should start teaching it, if they are not, along with a civics class, teach them we are a Constitutional Republic, teach them cursive so they can read our historic documents. The ones written by our founding fathers, I did read somewhere that schools are staring to incorporate that into their curriculums.

Since ending a third round of Chuck I have decided to go back and rewatch Stargate SG-1, I loved that series so much, what a concept. That our ancestors were visited by aliens and we defeated them in ancient Egypt.

I really love anything with Star in the name, Star Trek (ultimate favorite) Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, you get the idea.

I grew up in a magical time, where geekiness and nerdiness was on the rise and there were amazing television shows and movies to feed the imagination. Throw comic books in there and well you come up with an Angie.

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and pray for those around me while I go through this trial.

Star Trek Enterprise

I have questions, so many questions, so I am watching Star Trek Enterprise and there are so many questions.

First, time traveling Suluban’s, what??? What is that? And it’s not even that species that is controlling it, it is some shadowy figure that is pulling the strings. I am beginning to understand why I stopped watching.

They travel back from the 31st century to stop something or have something happen, so not sure at this point. I am just irritated. Time travel has been problematic in every incarnation of Star Trek. Kirk trampled all over 20th century earth in the series and in a movie.

What’s up with the Vulcans in this show? Mind Melding is new? What? It wasn’t acceptable behavior? When did it become acceptable? Spock did it all over the place, he mind melded with a silicon based life form! And what is up with it causing a disease? MMTD? Mind Melding Transmitted Disease? What! Spock never infected anyone! And he was doing it with everyone!

I’ll keep watching, I am determined to get to the end of this series, but they have to stop some of this.

I must admit Trip is the cutest thing ever, his accent is nothing short of charming. He really is the Kirk of this enterprise, in the way he charms all of the alien babes.

I do like the characters and i’ve always loved Scott Bakula and who doesn’t love Vulcans.

The Klingons are spot on perfect, the right amount of bravado with the muscle and fire power to back it up.

That’s all I have for now, I am just about to finish season 2. I didn’t get past that the first time around. I plan on plowing through on this one, time travel problems and all.

Glitter Soul

My weekend has turned out to be a completely girly weekend. Nails done, with glitter, of course, I have the soul of a 5 year old. I love anything that sparkles, so glitter nails it is. Hair being done today, I have to decide what I want, do I go with highlights again, or have her just dye it all back to my natural color, I know the cut, it’s just color that I am having a hard time deciding. I have repotted one plant and potted another that I have been rooting for a while now. All in all, kind of productive, I am now looking for a cookie recipe that is keto friendly.

Yes, folks, I am taking my diet keto, I did it years ago and it was highly effective. Of course back then it was Atkins, now it has evolved. Atkins has so many products out but looking at their carb content they are not going to put anyone into ketosis. I bought a book and am learning new things, I do believe I will make avocado, chocolate pudding later today. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Ok, so, BBFF and his GF have a surprise for me, they are going to do a presentation to tell me what said surprise is. Since they are both evil geniuses I am a little trepidatious, I will tell you I know it will not physically harm me. They are not Lex Luthor evil genius, more like a fun evil genius type. Maybe Loki would be a better example, maybe not, I’ll let you know when I decide. August 20 is the reveal date, I’ll keep you updated.

Nothing really new in my world, it is easy to keep a no dating rule when one stays to their routine. Work and home, Target, Costco and Whole Foods thrown in for good measure. Bookstores as well, not a lot of chances to meet anyone. I am keeping it that way, with the amount of pain I have endured with past relationships I in no way want to subject myself to any of that ever again.

Except perhaps with Dean Cain, he is my litmus at this time, I should have stuck with that ten years ago. It would have saved me a lot of horrendous trauma in my life. After all he is the prettiest man alive and I believe could hold his own in an intelligent conversation without resorting to screaming and swearing. I do believe I could have an intelligent exchange of ideas with Dean. After my initial fan girl reaction of course.

Barring him showing up at my front door, alone I shall remain, happily so. Although if anyone knows anyone who looks like Dean and can converse like Dean please give him my number. Or just bring him to my house, since I really don’t like leaving it these days.

On a nerd update, after finishing off Star Trek Discovery I am now watching Star Trek Enterprise. I watched it when it came out, but I stopped watching after the second season. It was moved around a lot and it was the days before DVR’s were ubiquitous. It is fun getting to know the crew of the first Enterprise. I love Scott Bakula, watching him as Captain Archer is a delight. I am signing off now to continue my nerd fest until I need to leave my house for my hair appointment. Perhaps I will post a picture after my hair is done here. I haven’t done that in a while. Perhaps time for an update.

Enjoy your Saturday, make the most of your day and have an intelligent discourse with someone. It will only enhance your day, remember, no yelling or screaming allowed, and not everyone has to share the same opinion as you. They are not stupid if they don’t think like you and if you listen with an open heart and mind you might just learn something. That goes for everyone.

As usual you can leave a comment here or email me at

About Me

So, I saw this thing on Facebook the other day, I decided not to do it there, but to do it here. It’s kind of like a get to know you, and well almost everyone on there knows me. Not everyone here does, so here goes:

Three names I go by
1. Angie
2. Angela
3. Angel (only by certain cousins, no one else is allowed to call me that)
Three places I lived
1. Oklahoma City
2. Owasso
3. Plano
Three places I have worked
1. TG&Y
2. Printing companies
3. Large telecommunications corporation
Three things I love to watch
1. All Superhero shows and movies
2. Anything Joss Whedon
3. Anything with Star in the title, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate (any of them)
Three places I have been
1. The mountains in Colorado
2. The beaches in Florida
3. To see movie making magic in CA
Three things I love to eat
1. Mexican food
2. Chocolate
3. Popcorn
Three favorite drinks (not water)
1. Pomegranate juice
2. Coffee
3. Starbucks refreshers
Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Financial freedom
2. Starting my own business
3. The future
Also a little know fact about me, I hate sports, but love sports movies, I will sit and watch them all day long.

My Thoughts on The Force Awakens

I am filled with emotion right now, good, bad, angry, sad, elated, all spectrums of the emotional range, I am.
I just saw then new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, I am overwhelmed. This will be a spoiler free post, just in case you were wondering.
First of all, seeing the familiar and hearing the familiar, from John Williams unforgettable score, to Chewbacca’s signature, well, I have no words to describe his language, it was just incredible.
You can tell this film was done by someone who loves the whole Star Wars realm, which kinda pisses me off. Because this is the same person who did the reboot of another much beloved realm, Star Trek.
The differences between the two are glaring, J. J. Abrams himself admitted he was not a fan of ST, however was a huge fan of SW. I cannot begin to tell you how I wish ST had been entrusted to someone who loved it.
I am not going to put down the ST movies, as I did enjoy them for what they were, they were not my beloved ST, they were different.
However, having seen how he treats something he loves vs. how he treats something he has no heart in, well it leaves me angry.
I will be seeing TFA again, and again, and yet again, because it is just that good, not good, great, awesome, amazing. Lovingly crafted by someone who has respect, knowledge and a fondness for detail. This was a film, ST was a movie, huge difference.
My hopes are high for the new ST coming out, however, having seen the trailer, I am not holding out hope. Even though Simon Pegg has rushed to assure true fans of ST that the movie is nothing like the trailer and he, himself was disappointed with it.
I am one of those people that love both, Star Trek and Star Wars, I am more passionate about Star Trek. I readily admit that, Star Trek introduced me to space travel, it took me to places I will never be able to visit outside of my imagination. It gave me hope for the future of earth, like nothing else does, as the realities of this earth are getting closer to a nuclear meltdown.
Star Wars took me to a galaxy far, far away, where none of the characters were from earth, therefore not bound by human rules. It was old fashioned good vs. evil, and you can easily tell the good guys from the bad.
I love them both. I just wish the same person had not done both in this generation.


I have a confession to make, I love yoga pants, before you judge me, I don’t wear them anywhere but to work out and at home. I gotta tell ya, these are the most comfortable things I have ever put on. I LOVE them; once again will NEVER wear them to the store or anywhere but to work out and at home.

As I sit here, watching Star Trek (J.J. Abrams version) I am reminded how much I love the character of Spock, and all of them. I know a lot of original fans of TOS (for those of you not in the know, that stands for The Original Series) they abhor this carnation of the universe that they are so fond of.

As for me, I take it for what it is, a version, someone else’s vision of what this would look like if something catastrophic happened. It is a different timeline, the personalities are there, however different happenings have shaped them and the trajectory of their lives. Please note though, they all come together, they are all still on board the Enterprise. Seeing it, seeing the two Spock’s is like wrapping ones self in a warm fuzzy blanket.

This entry will be filled with randomness as I am feeling discombobulated, I feel as if I have lost a friend, someone who gave me hope through out a rough middle childhood. So my thoughts are a bit scattered at the moment.

I lost an uncle last week,

While, as an adult, I didn’t know him that well, I will admit that, when I was very young he was one of my favorites and he is the father of my favorite male cousin. My uncle was the one who influenced the trajectory of my life when I made the decision to take my Aunt Odela (who became my mother) up on her offer to “visit” her and my Uncle Foy (who became my father) in Owasso. Please see that story here, I have a lot to thank him for as it was the single best decision that I ever made.

It gave me Owasso, it gave me the best friend a person could ever have, it gave me the best parents, the best church to grow up in, it gave me the most amazing children a person has ever been privileged enough to have. I owe a lot to that Uncle and I will be going to his memorial next weekend to say a proper thank you and goodbye to him. After all it’s only logical, sorry had to throw that in.

Last week I also had to go to the doctor, I had a cyst on the top of my head; yes you read that correctly. It was painful and disgusting, however the doctor was able to get the whole thing and I do not have to go to a surgeon. Now I have to go to a doctor for my hurting elbow, I don’t even know what is going on; I am supposed to be getting stronger, not falling apart!


Live Long and Prosper

I was sitting at work, helping a customer, when news crawl on the bottom of the big screen at work came across with the words I did not expect to see. Leonard Nimoy was gone; the world lost the first logical character on television.

I was momentarily shocked; I gathered myself and continued on with my call, as that is what we do at the major telecommunications corporation. We put our emotions behind us while we do our jobs.

As I processed the news, and it began to really sink in, I felt lost and empty; Star Trek has been a big part of my life since I can remember. I first saw the show when I was 4 years old and fell in love.

It came to mean more to me over the years, from the time I was five until I was 12, my childhood was, how shall I put this, difficult. I don’t talk about it, because it is of the past, but it was this time period that television became a huge part of my life. Television, along with books became my escapism, I learned at an early age I could take myself outside of the chaos that was my life and go to other places.

Star Trek was especially wonderful, I could go to other planets, and it had a figure that was logical, Spock brought logic into my chaotic, unbalanced world. He made everything right, he was my touchstone, I could always rely on his character to be the center of morality and he made sense.

As I grew older, my love for Star Trek and the character Spock has only grown, I didn’t outgrow science fiction, I grew up in it.

Losing Leonard Nimoy is like losing an old friend, my heart is hurt, I wish I could have met him, to tell him what his portrayal of Spock meant to that little girl. How the character influenced my thought process, how he gave me calmness and logic in the midst of chaos and instability.

This day has been a rough one, but then God brought the snow and somehow that is comforting. Snow is the great equalizer; it will blanket everything and make the world beautiful. How fitting that should happen on the day we lose Spock to the great heavens in the sky.

One final time he is being beamed up, and we are all richer for his being on this earth for as long as he was.


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