Music Memories

I was listening to the radio coming into work and Foreigner came on, what an awesome band, I have the best memories associated with Foreigner. Especially my senior year in high school, Tammi, Tonya, Pam and I would fly down 169 singing Urgent at the top of our lungs. So much fun, such good times, especially on Fridays, those were special days, those were pep assembly days. And, well, one must celebrate pep assembly day appropriately, oh wait, I can’t tell those stories!
So many stories I cannot tell, why you might ask, well, due to the fact that Elizabeth Anne reads every one of these posts. All of my musings are there for my children and later my grandchildren to find and there are some things I would rather they not know.

Which means I have so many stories in my head that cannot come out, EVER, I am in such big trouble if I ever get Alzheimer’s or dementia. Then all those things are going to come out, in a huge way, because they are right there at the surface, waiting to be told. I have no one to tell them to! Only the people that remember them as well, shared memories are really the best.

Fridays in Owasso, was the best, in the fall there were football games, the Skate Ranch and well pep assemblies. In the spring there were pep assemblies for basketball, wrestling and baseball, so much to tell and no one to tell it to. Such a sad state of affairs.

Music is such a great way to relive memories, just yesterday, my co-worker, Wylie, mentioned a singer and I named the song! Andrea True Connection, who could forget More, More, More. Best song ever, hands down, my ultimate favorite. Then I had to ruin it for him and tell him what the song was about, I was kinda sorry to do that, but not really.

Every Christmas, now, when I hear TSO I remember how I saw them in concert with the Irishman and he asked me to marry him after the concert. Those are good memories, but tellable, not like my Foreigner memories.

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