We Are All One

I have been watching the news lately, something I don’t enjoy doing anymore, as all the news is really bad, or one sided.

The news I have been watching is about the town I live in, McKinney, TX, the infamous pool “party”, I put party in quotation marks because it wasn’t a simple end of year party that was first being reported, but an event that was advertised to the hilt on social media.

But that is not what is on my mind, today, for the first time, I am seeing goodness come out of this mess. It was a news item regarding two men, one old, one young, one Caucasian, one African American. What did they do to cause them to get in the news? Were they employing fisticuffs, were they drawing weapons on one another? The media tells us this is the only way white and black people can react to each other. They are trying their level best to divide and conquer us, but we are not buying into it. The majority of us are not buying into it, I say that due to the fact you will always have people who do not do their due diligence and research what actually is going on. People who just go by what they are told, no thought process whatsoever.

These two men, different ages, different skin tones, hugged. Not only hugged, they prayed together, what a concept.

Here is the thing, this is for all skin tones, IF you are a Christian, then you must believe we are ALL brothers and sisters in Christ. That He came here to unite us, not tear us apart, nowhere in the bible does Christ say, by the way, if you have a different skin tone or come from a different part of the world I need you all to fight and hate each other. Quite the opposite in fact, He said love one another as you love yourself. We have to overcome the past, we have to overcome the media, we have to stand side by side, hugging one another and praying with each other and for each other.

If you have never heard the show Conversations, I urge you to go to convosate.com, it is a show with an African American woman (Shanon Jay) and a Caucasian woman (me). We not only love one another as sisters in Christ, we show on every level that we are not different. We both are mothers, we both want the best for our families and we both have a deep love of God and Jesus Christ.

I am going to tell a story about my mother, this is not one she told me never to share, so I am comfortable doing so.

My mother grew up very sheltered, in a small county in Oklahoma, she got married and continued to live a sheltered life. She never had any opportunity to really meet anyone of a different ethnicity, until one day, when she went to visit one of her grandsons in a different state. He introduced her to an African American male, and she told me she instantly liked him, she called him grandson along with her own. She went on to tell me she had never met a black person on that personal of a level (her words, generational thing). I asked her what she thought, she expressed genuine fondness for this young man and went on to say she didn’t understand why the newspapers and television never portrayed people at that level. The humanness of it all, she then said that we all want the same things in life, betterment for our families, love and acceptance.

This young man found a set of praying hands and colored one of them his skin tone and the other one my mothers tone. He sent it to her and told her this was the two of them, it remained one of her prized possessions until the day she couldn’t remember anymore. Alzheimer’s robbed her of so much.

If we all could remember, take away the different skin color, we are all the same, we all have a beating heart, red blood, muscle, tissue and a burning need to care for our loved ones. Race is something one runs or drives or rides, we are all one, human, we might come from different parts of the country, parts of the world, but we are all one in the eyes of the Lord.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say ALL lives matter, no matter the skin color, no matter the neighborhood and no matter the economic situation of the individuals.

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