A Couple of Rants

I have a couple of things I want to get out of my brain and writing them down is the only way to do that. So, forewarning, if you drive a minivan or are a person that posts things about “thick” girls being the only real women, you might want to find other reading material.

First off, minivan drivers, seriously, when you bought this vehicle did they tell you to stop driving like a rational human? This morning I was boxed in by three of you! Three! Seemingly your gas pedals refused to work, it was a 5:30 am catastrophe in the making. Do minivans even come with gas pedals? I know they come with brakes, because you all kept riding yours! Since it was all three of you I can only assume all minivan drivers behave in the same fashion. If this does not describe you, please do not take offense, as I am really angry and frustrated with the three this morning and taking it out on all minivan drivers.

Let’s move on shall we, for the past few weeks my Facebook feed has been filled with meme’s regarding “thick” women. Some stating they were the “real” women, that men should get a clue and not go for skinny women only thick women are real. What was the one that pushed me over the edge you might ask, I’m glad you did. It said, and I quote “They ride harder, Cuddle Better, Prettier and Sexier, Thick Girls Rule, Get Yourself 1 Today!” I did not add the exclamation point, that was there.

I wanted to respond with seriously, how do you know? I have a daughter that is tiny, I want to be tiny. All of this talk about being thick and loving the body you are in, it’s unhealthy. Eat real food, real food consists of organic, naturally grown vegetables and fruit, grass fed meat, a treat once in a while. Nothing processed, get some physical exercise in, healthy is not fat, I know this because I have battled it all of my life.

I have never once said oh I’m a thick girl so I am better than everyone, no, I have said I am unhealthy at this weight and it needs to come off. I love Maria Kang for one simple reason, she is real, you want to see a “real” woman, take a look at her. She practices what she preaches, she is honest in telling her story and how she has battled weight and eating disorders and finally getting healthy.

Other real women I know, my friend Gladys, she works hard, she inspires me to work hard and be the best I can physically. My daughter, Elizabeth Anne, inspires me daily, she is also my biggest encourager, and she agrees with most of my rants. The women I work out with at IPT, none of them are perfect, but they are like me, trying to be better physically, I like to think we encourage each other. They inspire me to do more, to lift heavier and go further, love them.

So instead of posting the things that encourage women to stay unhealthy, perhaps we could start a new trend and start posting meme’s that say things like, eat broccoli instead of the pizza.

Whew, that felt good, remember, whatever negative thing you want to say to me, this is MY page and MY opinion. It is called Angie World for a reason.


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