Fitness Update and Other Stuff

Today is the start of my much awaited 4-day weekend, I am so incredibly happy and thankful it is here. I go back to a normal Monday through Friday next week, with Monday being off for the holiday of course.

I worked Sundays so I could have Fridays off during the summer to spend with Tess, I did get to spend quite a few with her. So grateful to her dad and her mother for allowing her to spend time with me, it is a privilege not a right and I understand that.

School is in session now and we go back to our normal schedule, with me picking her up on her dads’ Fridays. I love being able to do that, it is always so much fun when she runs out to the car and gets in and says GiGi I love you!

I am sitting here having coffee, which I do on the weekends, yes, I am still on that, I have found it makes it special. Plus, added bonus, since I don’t have caffeine coursing through my veins the way I used to, I can actually feel the effects. Sometimes I can hear the colors, it’s awesome.

My new fitness goal is well under way, I am back to losing and toning, I stepped off of the curb for a minute, but I am back on the right path. The other day I made my famous lemon pepper chicken and had salads all week. I had a kale salad as big as my head!

I have unexplained bruises all over my legs, so I had the Irishman google it, he refused to read the number one cause, and went to the second. And it made sense:

Vitamin Deficiency- If the body lacks in the nutrients necessary to build tissue properly, the tissue can become worn and more susceptible to injury. Deficiencies in vitamin B12, C or K can lead to poorly formed tissue. Women are more likely to experience these deficiencies than men, especially when they are dieting. As the body loses the excess fat, the thin tissue becomes more exposed and easier to injury.


So I am trying to get more of those vitamins into my body naturally with fewer supplements, I have a hard time eating a lot, I know that seems strange give how huge I am. However, when you don’t eat enough your body hangs onto weight as it is scared you will starve it. My body is slowly starting to trust me now that I am feeding it and giving it physical activity.

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend, enjoy your friends and family and remember what the day is all about, it is to celebrate the laborers who built this great nation.


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