I made a decision last week, I decided to get off of social media for a while, as in Facebook and Twitter. I admit I still looked at Instagram because, well, the pictures are fun and I don’t get notifications for that one. Except when tagged or Elizabeth Anne wants me to see something.
I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone, I did this for me, not because someone said or posted something I didn’t agree with. I’m an adult, I can handle it when others don’t think like I do.
I wanted to see what life was like without those two things, an experiment if you will. I have to say I enjoyed it, we live in a world that is barraged with others are doing, thinking or saying. Instantly, the news is but a touch away, knowing what our friends are doing is right there.
The experiment made me realize that I liked it not being on my phone, I will keep it deleted for now, I say for now because no one knows what the future may bring.
I am back on Facebook and twitter on the computer only. If I am away from the computer, which is a lot, I tend to go on in the mornings or when I want to express a thought. Or make my grocery list, I do that on the computer so I can print it out, my handwriting leaves a lot to be desired.
I did find one thing fascinating, I kept getting messages on Facebook, it taught me a lesson. Not everyone reads everything I write. So therefore I don’t need to put everything on there. Which I didn’t, but now I know I am not the center of everyone’s universe. Shocking!
For those of you that don’t really know me, that is sarcasm, so I say hello to social media in a limited amount.

One Reply to “Hello”

  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your not the center of everyone’s universe. I’m so shocked at that. Blows my mind….I can’t even think straight now. lol I still love you


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