In the Moment

The other night, here in the DFW area, we had a storm, where I live it was a light show. I ran outside to watch it, decided to try and capture it on film as it were. Ran back in for my camera and could never get what I wanted. It was then I realized I was supposed to enjoy it, not capture it, so I stood and watched God’s incredible show. And it was truly glorious and a balm on my soul.
I believe, in today’s society, with the advent of so much technology that we forget to be in the moment. We are always trying to capture it on our cell phones or other devices, that I believe, we miss out on the pure enjoyment of the moment.
I was reminded of that with the lightening show, I am grateful the camera didn’t capture it and I took the time to put it down and simply watch.
Don’t get me wrong, pictures are a powerful reminder of situations, family moments, lost family and friends. However, sometimes it is just nice being in the moment and enjoying what is happening around you.
I still have not added Facebook back to my phone, nor twitter, the only place I see it is on the computer. I get on my computer in the mornings to read Dear Abby and look at the comics, I love starting my morning like that, gently. Also, to write this, I don’t enjoy writing on my phone, too small and I am too old. Bad eyesight and all that.
Also, since the election is coming up, in all honesty, I don’t want to see it, the mud slinging, the oh if you are voting for so and so unfriend me. If one cannot be friends with someone who thinks differently politically, well, you don’t deserve any friends.
I am more focused on stress levels and growing in my relationship with God, I believe that those are the important things for me right now. I do believe there are some seriously messed up things going on in this country right now and they will only get worse before getting better.
I do not feel the need to air that on social media, or to criticize or be criticized by people who think differently than I.
I am going now, I will be enjoying the quietness and perhaps watching a movie before Doctor Who tonight. What? You knew something nerdy had to work its way in here somehow.

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