Reading a recipe is like reading a foreign language, I mean seriously who has a mortar? I decided to give Hello Fresh another chance, I really love that they have everything already measured out and everything you need is right there in the box.
However, it’s putting the ingredients together that stumps me, I wish I were the kind of person who can just walk into a kitchen and create magic. I am not that person. I wish that I could put together the recipes Hello Fresh sends me, but I cannot. Reading the recipe cards are just mind boggling for me.
I highly recommend them to people who like cooking and who love trying new recipes, the food is fresh and the recipes look amazing. I actually made the pork chop one they sent last night, it didn’t quite go as planned, however the sugar rub with cayenne was nothing short of amazing. I am telling you I wanted to just put my head on the plate and just eat it. I did use organic, raw sugar, not white, and organic olive oil, that is the only thing I changed.
So, go over to and give them a try.
I know in this day and age telling the truth seems to be frowned upon, I have never encountered anything like this. I’ve been alive a long time, and I am truly befuddled and a little disheartened.
As you know from previous entries I have talked about the issues that Rustic Cuff, out of Tulsa has. On Instagram today, they posted a video of them dancing in the store, a woman commented perhaps that was the reason the customer service people rushed her off the phone. This company has major fulfillment issues, and apparently customer service issues as well, I work in a customer driven company. Without the customer there would be no commerce, without commerce there would be no income. It is basic economics, this company is not a charitable foundation, as one person stated on Facebook. That comment made my eyeballs pop out.
So here’s a thought, instead of blocking people who state the truth, why not correct your customer service and fulfillment issues? I wholeheartedly suggest you open a small call center that can look up orders, answer phones and find missing orders or figure out how people are being charged for more than they are purchasing? I saw several posts where people were over charged, here is the thing that shocked me, people were waiting weeks for their refunds! Weeks! If they didn’t fix it within 48 hours, I’m calling my bank and putting in a claim to get my money back.
And another thing, does no one look at their receipt when they are walking out of the store? Or when they are at the register and they tell them the price and it over by $70.00 or more, don’t you question that? I would, I look at my receipts for everything I buy, right then, at the store, at the register.
I thought I was done writing about this company, but there is a plethora of material, and they just keep it coming.
I fully believe there are people in this world that can inspire us to go out and do good, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Steve Nardizzi come to mind. Granted only one of those people are still alive, but he is doing great things with the Wounded Warrior Project.
My parents, they did wonderful things that no one knows about because they took Matthew 6:2 seriously. I tend to be like them as well, I don’t like talking about the things I do, they are between me and God and the organizations that benefit.
A company blocking someone because they were honest is more than disheartening, it is bordering on dishonesty.

4 Replies to “Bemusement”

  1. I have kept up with your blog and I am noticing a pattern about Rustic cuff. I am so confused though. We are called to love one another. Is bashing others Christ like? Just keep in mind that God has called us to two main things on this earth love Him wholeheartedly and love others! I think your writing is a beautiful thing, but I hope you always remember the impact you have on your readers!! Also, I was thinking about trying hello fresh! I struggle cooking!!! But, I am really trying to gain more knowledge. Thank you for always offering insight and good ideas!!


  2. Bailey, I do appreciate your comment, I don’t believe I am bashing Rustic Cuff, I am saying there needs to be improvements made in their orders process. And by opening a small call center to address orders issues the owner would be creating jobs. I have very vocally said that she does really great things in the community. But at the end of the day it is a business, and no business is going to continue to succeed unless they address issues instead of hiding them and bashing people who say there are issues.
    I really appreciate the kind way you delivered what you had to say. And yes, try Hello Fresh! I was not disappointed in them just with my own abilities!!


  3. I was also told I was “bashing” them for what??? asking about customer service issues?? Saying they are being made cheaper is considered “bashing the owner?? Seems to me that maybe someone should check into the definition of bashing is what she hsa allowed to go on by her core group on all the RC pages. Why are they worried about anything I have to say if they only want to threaten and use my past against me…like Angie, they cant. Ive already been thru that road and put it behind me, however it does seem to show their almighty ‘christian colors” doesnt it??? Bullying is sadly not just a high school thing now is it???? It is sad that people actually read all of those posts and comments and believe every word….those talking the most crap dont even know me….or angie. ANGIE, YOU KEEP DOING YOU….ITS OBVIOUSLY BOTHERED A HORNETS NEST. Thank you for defending the ones who have been banned by this nonsense ….that story is just a sales gimmick and every one feeding into it is condoning that behavior….smh


  4. I’m one of those that have become addicted to Rustic Cuff. I have way more cuffs than I need, but not nearly as many as some. I have gifted some, not to many and I don’t brag about in on the Facebook page. Some of the stories on re gifting are awesome but for the most part it seems as if women are just trying to brag and show off. I don’t enjoy reading some of the snarky comments made about others, and also what I call the “Jill addiction”. Basically these women are worshipping Jill and sadly do not realize it. They have a false god. This is nothing against Jill, I’m just making a comment. Thank you Angie for your comments.


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